Pool Bar

Have you ever wanted to add a unique feature to your backyard or pool such as a custom designed Pool Bar?  At New Image Landscape & Pools we can build the bar of your dreams!

Pool Bars offer a great way for bathers to swim up to a stool for drinks or snacks. The bars require at least 7 or 8 feet of space along the side of a pool that can accommodate at least three stools.  The floor of the dry side of the bar must be lower than the pool’s bond beam, which allows people on both side of the bar to be eye level. Electricity, Water, Lights, and Gas connections are available based on your needs.  The Bar itself can be customized in any material you would like from granite to finished wood.  Truly, if you would like to add a resort type feature to your pool, have New Image Landscape and Pools install a custom designed swimming pool bar to your home today!