Swimming Pools

One of those pools in Arizona where all the neighbor kids like to hang out at.

A Freeform Pool Design—that is, a lagoon or naturalistic style pool with rock features, waterfalls, stone decking, and more—is an extremely popular type of pool in Arizona and has been for many years. With its jungle type style, distinct visuals, and cooling plants, decking, and cooling plants and fauna, a Freeform Pool design can be a wonderfully unique and stylistic addition to any backyard.

From gorgeous waterfalls to shaded cabanas and even tropical palm trees, the features can go on forever! And, with New Image Landscape and Pools at the helm, we can help lead you to the pool of your dreams, using our vast experience with designing Chandler swimming pools. But what are the benefits of a Free Form Design pool, and why should you pay the money to install one?


Well, one of the main reasons, of course, is the pure relaxation you can attain. As we all well know, Arizona during the summer is one of the most unpleasant experiences around. With temperatures above 100 degrees nearly every day, it can be difficult to enjoy anything outside. Fortunately, Free Form Design pools can change all that, by providing multitudes of shade inducing fauna, umbrellas, and patio coverings, all ensuring that your backyard remains a sanctuary of coolness.

Furthermore, the benefits of Chandler swimming pools go far beyond just this subjective value; depending on what you install, a Free Form Design Pool can also increase the value of your home!

With a gorgeous pool, tropical palms, a relaxing spa, and, of course, the amazing design that Free Form brings to any pool design, you will have the most incredible pool and backyard around! Every impressive exterior landscape needs a Free Form Design Pool, so call New Image Landscape and Pools today and have the experts install one; it will be a hit!