Pool Mist Systems


Another way to beat the pool water heat in the summer is with the use of pool mist systems. These simple devices work in much the same way as the misters on your patio, with the added effect of lowering the temperature of your pool water even as it cools you down! Coming in all price ranges, the cheaper versions can easily be installed by anyone who is moderately handy with tools, but for those who prefer a more elaborate system, it is recommended you hire a skilled pool professional to make sure you get it running correctly; that’s where New Image Landscape and Pools steps in!

Innovative Way to Stay Cool During the Hottest Months

Mist systems have been an important part of keeping cool in the desert for decades. Most Arizona restaurants with outdoor patios have them installed to extend the outdoor dining period, and homeowners have discovered how well they work on their own patios. However, using these systems for pools is a relatively new use for these tried and true systems.

These products work by forcing high pressure water through tiny holes, and when used in the pool, it can cause the water temperature to drop by as much as 8 to 10 degrees. It may not sound like a lot, but if you’ve spent even one summer as a pool owner, you understand how wonderful that difference can be! And because you are keeping your pool cooler, the systems also do their part in keeping the chemicals in your pool balanced longer; heat zaps chemicals, and chemicals cost money. Your initial investment can save you quite a bit of money in the long run!

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Not all pool and landscaping companies are created equal, and when it’s time to install a cool pool mist system in your backyard oasis, you want someone you can depend on. New Image Landscape and Pools has been in the pool business for over three decades; give us a call today and start preparing for the dog days of summer with a new pool mist system!