Pool Restoration

Pool Restoration vs Getting a New Pool

There is nothing that makes the wildly hot temperatures of a Phoenix summer go by quite like having your own swimming pool. While owning your own pool is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family, it comes with a good bit of work in maintaining it. There are probably many people out there who have an old pool that is not in good shape and they are wondering if they should salvage their current pool or get a new one. Here are a few thoughts on pool restoration versus getting a new one.

Assess Your Damage

By becoming aware of the deficiencies of your pool, you can have a much better idea of the right solution for you. The main problems that pop up with pools are related to the equipment,from broken pool pumps to filtration systems. Aesthetic issues often come up with worn pool decks, pool liners, and features around the pool. More serious issues can come up like cracks in the pool liner and consequent leaks that have the potential of creating dangerous conditions in your pool.

Pool Restoration

Pool restoration is a great option for when the problems with your pool are mostly aesthetic. Resurfacing your pool deck can provide the effect that an entirely new pool can provide. Resurfacing your pool liner brings a fresh look to your pool which will make it look as good as new. An important part of this process is also to make sure your equipment is all in great shape so your pool can be clean and beautiful. Replacing filters, pool pumps, and cleaners is so important to a beautiful pool.

Replace Your Pool

This is a more expensive option, but the results are incredible. It is a good option when your pool has serious problems involving cracked plumbing and cracked pool liners. These conditions leak water into the ground below the pool, creating the possibility of a sinkhole, which is bad news. Entirely replacing the pool liner is essentially installing a new pool. The new liner will last for 10 to 15 years and remain a beautiful place to enjoy the water for many years. This often goes along with replacing much of the plumbing, so everything will be working very well.

Get Some Help

Regardless of the condition of your pool or the dreams you have about how you want your pool to be, you can always benefit from the perspective of the professionals. If you are in the Phoenix area, you will not find a more professional group than that of New Image Landscape and Pools. We provide countless services related to your pool, from design and construction to repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and on and on. The surest way to make your pool something that you can be proud of is to call us at (480) 654-4422!