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Welcome to the portion of the site where we show you precisely what we can do with your exterior landscape! From gorgeous pools, to beautiful landscape arrangements, to built-in barbeques, and even to delightful garden areas, complete with planters and pavers, New Image Landscape and pools can provide you with some of the most incredible exterior makeovers you’ve ever seen.

And, as you can see here, we can do it all. Take a virtual tour through the greenest yards around, with perfectly placed planters and gardens that just accentuate the space. Then, see what your landscape can be like with that putting green and barbeque that you’ve always wanted, all situated right next to the pool of your dreams! It all molds together with the grace and artistic flair that is expected from a landscape improvement, and yet it has that certain something that only we can provide.

Truly, no matter what job you want done, our resident experts will make sure it’s done right. With over thirty years of experience, we know exactly what yards, gardens, and pools need, and we will make sure to give you the exterior makeover that you deserve. Best of all, we will have a plan for you no matter what your budget. Even if you are looking for simple yard maintenance, we will still treat you, and your yard, the way you should be treated; that is what New Image Landscape and Pools is all about.

To prove this is the case, here are some photos of the work we’ve done in the past. Just click on the links to see the sublime landscapes, barbeques, planters, putting greens, or pavers that you could have right outside your backdoor!

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