Pool Aerators

Arizona pool at night

Desert living means scorching summers that can make you cry uncle as you flee to the coolness and comfort of your backyard pool. But wait a minute; the pool feels like warm bath water and is not refreshing at all! Before you start buying ice in large quantities, take a look at the sides of your pool. You should find a short, tube-like plastic piece with a slice taken out of it, giving the appearance of a mouth that is open sticking out of the wall (although it can be metal, as well!) This tiny tool can extend your swimming time over the hottest months of summer without costing you any more money. It’s a pool aerator, and all AZ pools should be equipped with one!

What is an Aerator and How Does It Work?

Basically, the pool water is pumped through a sprayer which sends the water through the air and back into the pool, cooling the water as it absorbs oxygen and reduces the temperatures of your AZ pool. The valve to turn on the aerator should be located somewhere in your pool equipment and hopefully it will be labeled, making it easier to find. Aerators can be added to existing equipment relatively easy and at very little cost to the homeowner, so don’t panic if your pool doesn’t have one. As a matter of fact, many newer Arizona pools are not including aerators in their design, because waterfalls and other water features perform the same function, but with a lot more style.

How Much Cooler Can We Expect Our Pool to Get?

Unfortunately, your aerator will not reduce your Arizona pool water temperatures all that much—around 3 or 4 degrees—but it is enough to extend the cooling comfort of the water for a few more weeks. At some point, the scorching Arizona heat will outpace the aerator, and you may have to turn to other methods to cool the water further.

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