We offer Splash pads for your AZ home, backyard, and family, at an affordable price. The same water play features you might have seen at city parks, water parks, community pools, and other commercial water recreation areas is now available to residential home owners. They’re both affordable and an investment into your home’s value.

Benefits of Arizona Splash Pads

Splash pads in AZ cost a mere fraction of the cost of a pool, and make a great pool enhancement or alternative. Besides low installation costs, splash pad systems have low maintenance, do not require additional insurance, pool fences, or alarms, and will save you money on utility bills with a water recirculation system. A properly installed splash pad system will also increase your home’s property value. These are just a few of the benefits to consider before buying a splash pad.

Arizona Splash Pads Starting at $8,500 +tax.

Standard Splash Pad includes:

  •  150 square feet of poured in place concrete surface.
  •  Acrylic “cool deck” non-slip finish.
  •  8 interchangeable spray jets.
  •  Footing base for above ground feature.