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One of the first things our Arizona pool contractors will install upon purchasing a new pool.

If you’re like most people, you love all the benefits of having a swimming pool and spa but dread the work that goes into maintaining it. In order to truly enjoy a pool or spa, the water must be kept clean and healthy, which can require quite a bit of time. Water should be tested on a regular basis to determine pH and sanitization levels, which can become imbalanced fairly easily due to factors like weather, dirt, oils, makeup, lotions, etc. In turn, this decreases the quality of the water. Fortunately, automation has proven to be an effective solution for pool and spa owners who don’t wish to spend a good deal of time testing the water and adjusting the chemicals. Read on to see how New Image – one of Arizona’s best pool companies – can help you get your pool automated. Read on for more information, or click here to get your estimate on one of our Arizona custom pools

What is Automation?

Automating a pool or spa will significantly reduce the amount of upkeep you’re responsible for. Automation systems actively monitor and control the level of pH and sanitization in a pool to keep its water consistently healthy. These systems use sophisticated technology and sensors to automatically take care of a pool’s service requirements.

Reasons for Automating Your Arizona Custom Pools and Spas

Automating a pool and spa will lift the burden of having to perform manual chemical maintenance all the time. The chemistry and temperature of the pool water will be routinely checked and immediately adjusted if an imbalance is detected. This will keep the water in good condition throughout the year. Automation will also give you complete control over the chemistry and temperature of your pool water so that it can be set to the most comfortable temperatures at various times of the day. In addition, automation will help you avoid high chemical and repair costs in the future.

Installing a pool or spa automation system may come with extra advantages aside from cleaning and maintenance. They can be set up to turn on pool lights or spa jets at a specific time, and they can remind you when it’s time to schedule repair appointments with a pool professional.

Pool and Spa Automation from New Image Landscape and Pools: Your Arizona Pool Contractors

At New Image Landscape and Pools, one of the top Arizona pool companies, we are proud to provide clients with high quality designs, installations, and automation for swimming pools and spas. We understand how key these water features are in creating a backyard oasis and want to make sure they meet all your needs in terms of beauty, comfort, and value. Our automation products are top-of-the-line and will give your pool increased flexibility and function. Click here to request your free estimate, or contact us today to find out more information from your Arizona pool contractors!