Pool Surface Comparison – Choosing your Pool’s Surface

Just a couple minutes after out extensive pool cleaning of a Mesa pool.

One of the perks of building a custom pool is all of the options that are at your fingertips. If you dream it, New Image’s Mesa pool maintenance & building service can make it happen! When it comes time to decide what materials to use on the surface of your pool, there are three main choices on the market today: plaster, aggregate also known as Pebble Tec, and tile. Each of these surfaces has its pros and cons, and hopefully we can help you make the decision of which one best suits your needs!

Plaster Finish

Plaster surfaces have been on the market the longest and remain the most commonly used material in pool design. Most people will recognize plaster finished pools based on the smooth texture and common white color. Plaster is made by combining water, cement, and sand. Its simplicity makes it the most affordable material available.

Although most people use the standard white colored plaster, you do have to option to mix it with colored dye to create whatever effect you would like. Lighter colors reflect light to create a glow effect, while darker colors create the feel of being in a natural lake or pond.

However, the major downside of plaster is its lifespan. No matter how well you take care of your pool, even if you hire the best Mesa pool maintenance service, there is still a chance your plaster may stain or crack. You can expect a plaster pool finish to last between five and seven years before needing to be repaired or replaced.

Tile Finish

Many of the downsides to plaster pool surfaces are the best features of a tiled pool. Tile has the benefit of being very durable, making it the longest lasting surface material currently available. Tile is most often used in conjunction with a plaster surface as an accent pattern or a border. However, you can also use tile across the entire surface of the pool, which reflects the water for an absolutely stunning effect, or to create a beautiful mosaic pattern.

The customizability of tile does make it the most expensive option for your pool surface and it takes much longer to install than other surfaces. However, the variety of color and material in tile available means that you have a wide array of options, so no matter what your personal style is, you can achieve it with a tile pool surface!

Aggregate or Pebble Tec Finish

The most popular pool surface material at the moment is an aggregate surface, also known as Pebble Tec. This material utilizes small, natural rocks, stones, or pebbles and embeds them in concrete to create a natural looking and feeling surface to the pool. This material is very durable and can withstand exposure to pool chemicals such as chlorine. It is also very customizable, as you can choose the colors of pebble to mimic the sandy surface of the beach, or recreate crystal blue tropical waters.

Exposed pebbles look more natural; however, their rough texture can be painful on sensitive feet in the water. Luckily, there is also an option to have polished pebbles, which add to the reflective appearance of the water. No matter which material you decide to go with for your pool’s surface, New Image’s Mesa pool maintenance & building service can help!