Man enjoying an Arizona pool

Pool Tile and Deck Guide

As summer winds down and the fall months start to slowly bring the scorching temperatures down to a heat that we can handle, you may have finally reached the end of your rope. You have made the decision to not go through another season of unbearable heat without a pool to help cool your body and your temper, and because you understand the supply issues the entire country has been dealing with, you have probably already started the construction process. As a matter of fact, you may right now be at the point of choosing finishing touches such as the tiles that will trim your crystal-clear pool and the decking that surrounds your backyard oasis. These decisions may seem decorative, but the reality is they are very important ones to make, especially as you need the decking to stay as cool as possible and you want something in the pool that makes it look beautiful but is easy to maintain. This guide to Arizona pool tile and deck options will help make the decision easy!

The Jewelry for Your Arizona Pool

Pool tiles come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and designs, and although they do increase the beauty of your pool, they also can help in a small way to keep the water cooler, especially when you choose a ceramic or porcelain tile that doesn’t absorb heat. This classic choice comes in every color under the sun, allowing pool owners to get a little crazy, should they choose.

Glass tiles come in small squares and are a little more involved when it comes to installation. Adding an iridescent look to your backyard lagoon, it can take up to four to six weeks to complete the installation, but because the glass is recycled and the end look is breathtaking, it may be the option that makes you happiest! Also available in mosaic, today’s pool owners are discovering that they can add a sea turtle or mermaid to the floor of the pool, upping the cool factor immensely! Mosaic tiles may come in a variety of glass and ceramic and can really add that finishing touch of perfection to your design, just as a pair of earrings or a beautiful bracelet finishes off the outfit you choose to wear for a night on the town.

Our final option for the day is stone tiles, which give your pool an elegantly natural appearance. They can be a little more expensive and require more maintenance, but their simple beauty can change the look of your yard! Stone is porous and water can damage it, so you will need to seal it every couple of years, but if you are good with the extra work, it is a wonderfully natural choice.

Keeping It Cool and Safe

Now it is time to walk over and explore the decking options that are open to you, and as we mentioned earlier, this can be one of the most important decisions you make, as you must consider slipperiness and temperature. Midwesterners are probably used to wood pool decks that surround their above ground pools, but neither are a very good option in the arid desert environment, so we are going to stick to the common desert choices.

The coolest of all your choices will be, of course, the textured spray coatings you see on most of the pools in the state. It offers one of the lower costs and comes in a variety of colors and styles, so feel free to get a little creative! Pavers are another budget conscious choice, again offering a variety of colors and styles to ensure your pool is unlike any other, but some can be too slippery, and others can absorb too much heat, so if you make this decision, we can sit and talk with you about what you need to watch out for and which choices are best.

Our last decking choice of the day can add a dramatic look to your backyard and also happens to be something we have already discussed. Natural stone can “flow” from the pool trim to the pool deck and can create a cohesive look that appeals to all those who crave order and symmetry in their lives! Offering everything from slate to sandstone to travertine—the most common out here in the desert, as it doesn’t absorb heat—the beauty of stone can make your yard the envy of your neighborhood!

So Much More

Your choices for pool tile and decking are only limited by your imagination and your budget, and obviously, the items we talked about here are just the beginning! Give us a call today and let’s work together to create a pool design that will bring you pleasure for years to come.