Pool Tips: Choosing a Deck Material

Pool Tips: Choosing a Deck Material

When installing a new pool or upgrading an existing one, choosing a swimming pool deck surface that fits your needs is imperative. The pool deck surrounds your pool and should provide a safe, non-slip walking surface to and from the pool, and can often add a nice design element to your backyard. A variety of factors go into choosing  your Arizona pool deck material, including look, cost, maintenance, and durability. The following options are the most popular choices in Arizona pool decking materials, along with the pros and cons of each to make your choice as easy as possible!


Perhaps the most popular material for pool decks is concrete—for a variety of reasons. Compared to other materials, concrete is inexpensive to install and allows for a variety of design options. Concrete can be poured in nearly any color and stamped or patterned with designs, making it very customizable. It also does not absorb as much heat as other materials, so it is pleasant to walk on with bare feet.

However, it does need to be coated in a non-slip surface to make it safe for when it gets wet. Also, maintenance of concrete can get expensive, as it will crack or fade over time. Nonetheless, concrete reigns king over other Arizona pool decking materials.


Another popular choice for pool decks in Phoenix is tile. Tile comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and finishes. Many opt for unglazed tile for their pool deck due to its non-slip texture and elevated look. Tiles can be laid in customized patterns or designs of your choosing. Maintenance is minimal, although the grout may need to be redone every few years. The main downside of tile is the initial cost of installation, but for those looking for an intricate, high end look for their pool deck, tile is the best option.

Paving Stones

Paving stones are quickly rising in popularity as a pool deck surface because they offer the customizability of a tile surface, but with costs that compete with the economy of concrete. Paving stones, whether natural or manufactured, come in nearly any texture: flagstone, travertine, brick, marble, and many more. They are also more fade resistant and much more easy to repair than concrete because individual stones can easily be replaced. Pavers are also inherently non-slip, without a need for an additional coating.

There is truly a material for every person’s needs and budget. No matter which material you choose, your pool deck in Phoenix will only enhance the look of your backyard and add beauty to your pool area.