Pool Tips: How to Keep Your Pool Blue Year Round

Tips to Keep Your Pool Blue All Year

When the temperatures go up and the sun beats down, there’s nothing better than splashing around in the inviting waters of your swimming pool. However, that summer fun can be easily ruined by a cloudy or algae filled pool. In order to keep your pool water a welcoming hue of blue for those warm months, it is important to stay vigilant on swimming pool maintenance all year long. Here are our tips and best practices for how to keep a pool clean!

Maintain Proper Chlorine Levels

The most common pollutant in a pool is algae. If the chlorine levels in the water fall below the recommended amount, algae can literally form overnight through a process called algae bloom. Once algae is present in the water, it can take days or even weeks to clear out. To prevent algae and keep your water that ideal blue color, make sure that the chlorine levels in your pool are at or above 1ppm.

Keep Water Flowing with a Filtration System

Algae likes to form in stagnant water, so another great way to prevent this is through proper filtration in your pool. Ideally, the pool filter should run all year long to ensure water flow and prevent algae from forming. Many modern swimming pools have variable speed pumps, which allow proper water flow without using large amounts of energy.

Skim Pool Surface Regularly

In addition to installing a proper filtration system, it is also important to regularly check your filter to make sure it is not full of debris that may cause improper flow. Make sure that you skim the surface of the pool regularly to prevent debris from going into the filter. Maintaining the swimming pool filter is a key component in learning how to clean a pool and how to keep a pool clean!

Chlorine Shocks and Algaecide

In addition to water filtration and daily chlorine levels, it is important to give your pool water a weekly treatment to keep it clear. On a weekly basis, “shock” your pool with a high dose of chlorine to kill any dormant bacteria or algae. Also, if your pool has a history of algae outbreaks, you may also want to consider a weekly algaecide treatment that specifically targets algae.

Remember: The best way to keep your pool water crystal blue is prevention! Regular pool maintenance throughout the year will prevent bigger problems from cropping up later. Enjoying your pool during the hot summer months is the best reward!