Pool Cleaning Tips

There is nothing better than having your very own pool in your backyard. Anybody who has had a pool knows this to be the case, but they also know that it does take some work to maintain to avoid your dream turning into your nightmare. If a pool is neglected, it can become a serious problem that requires lots of time and money to fix. That is why it is so important to follow these very simple pool cleaning tips.

Best Way To Clean A Pool

This is the most fundamental of pool cleaning tips. Debris is constantly finding its way into the pool, and it is the main source of algae and bacteria that can be harmful to your pool. Use a simple skimmer net to remove floating debris from your pool as much as is necessary. It is good practice to do this once a week or more. It is up to you to learn the best way to clean a pool.

Maintain Water Level

The water level tends to decrease, especially during the swimming season when evaporation is taking its greatest toll and water is lost to splashing and other shenanigans. It is very important to ensure that the water level does not fall too low, specifically below the skimmer. If the water falls below the point where the pump takes water, then the pump can be damaged, causing a serious problem that nobody wants to deal with. Find out the best way to keep a pool clean.

Clean Your Pool Filter (Backwash)

Backwashing is the act of using high pressure water to flush out the filtration system. The water rushes through this system, clearing any dirt, debris, and dirty water from the pump and filter. Perform a backwash at least once a month and ensure that the pump is turned off when you do.

Consistently Test Chemical Levels

Making sure you have a balanced pH between the levels of 7.2 and 7.8 is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy and beautiful pool. You can do this with a chemical testing kit you can find at any pool supply store. If the levels fall below 7.2, you should add chlorine. You will gain a feel for how much to add after performing trial and error for a couple of weeks. You should be testing the chemicals a couple of times per week, especially during the summer.

There are certainly a few more good practices for keeping your pool clean, but this is definitely a good start to get you on your way to enjoying the cleanest pool in the neighborhood. Of course, doing more research is the best way to equip yourself for taking care of a beautiful pool! Enjoy! Contact us to learn about the best way to clean a pool.