Pool Tips: Deck Maintenance

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The unsung hero of any pool and landscape is the deck that surrounds the pool. The pool is great, but the deck tends to bring people together around patio furniture, a built-in fireplace, or maybe even a built-in barbecue. That is why taking care of your deck is just as critical as taking care of your pool. In following the tips below, you are sure to have a beautiful deck that adds to your landscape for years to come. Learn how to maintain decking below:

Clean the Deck Regularly

This is done both for the appearance and safety of the deck. It should be disinfected in order to prevent the spread of disease, and it should be cleaned so that there is no excessive bacteria buildup which would cause the deck to become very slippery when wet. There are many types of decks, so the cleaning process will often vary just a bit. For smaller decks, you should tackle them with a stiff brush and non-abrasive cleaning solutions. For large decks that would just take too much time to scrub, a pressure-washer should be used. You can also find plenty of safe disinfectants from your local pool store.

Sealing (Concrete Decks)

When a concrete deck is installed, it receives a coat of sealant. This helps to maintain the concrete’s texture and color and prevents wear and tear. In order to maintain these positive effects, you should reapply your own sealant. This should be done six months after the initial installation, and then once every two to three years following. This will keep your concrete deck looking as new as ever. Deck maintenance is key!

Deck Maintenance

As with anything, there will be periodic maintenance necessary with your deck. If you address small issues in the deck, then they will remain small issues. If you choose to ignore them, they will most certainly lead to greater issues and greater headaches. This includes things like chips and cracks in the deck. Applying concrete patches to these vulnerable areas will ensure that you have a healthy and beautiful deck for years to come.

The deck often does not get the attention that the pool enjoys, but it is definitely a very important aspect of any pool and landscape. By following these quick and easy steps, you will be able to enjoy a positive addition to your beautiful landscape and avoid any serious maintenance issues. In the meantime, enjoy the pool and your little slice of paradise! Contact us to learn more about how to maintain decking.