How To Maintain A Pool Pump

There are many factors that go into keeping your pool clean and healthy regardless of the time of year. One of the main aspects of maintaining your pool is maintaining your pool pump. The pump plays an incredibly crucial role in the upkeep of your pool by pulling water out of the pool and sending it through the circulation and filtration system before sending it back to the pool. It is important to have a general understanding of the pool pump and a couple of simple steps in maintaining it. Here are a couple of those steps on how to maintain a pool pump!

Clean the Hair and Lint Trap

The hair and lint trap is a component of the pump system that keeps debris from flowing in the impeller—the piece connected to the motor shaft that generates the suction. Within the hair and lint trap is a basket that catches debris that enters the filtration system. It is very important that this basket is emptied at least once per week so that the impellor does not become clogged. Doing this routine maintenance will go a long way in ensuring no serious problems arise within the pump’s motor or impeller.

Run the Pump at the Proper Times

Since it is necessary to run the pump during the times that you are chlorinating the pool, it is best for the pool to run the pump during the day. However, during the week, the electricity costs during the day are much higher than at night. So, you must balance your utility costs with the health of the pool and come up with a schedule that runs the pump a bit during the day and a bit at night. Leaving your pump idle for long periods of time will not be good for the pump itself or the overall health of the pool. It is key to know how to maintain a pool pump!

Pool Pump Maintenance

Backwashing your pool is a very simple way to clean out the filtration system of your pool. You use high pressure water to flush the system, after which it is discharged from the backwash hose. When you begin this process, it is very important to ensure that the pump is off. Doing this will clean out the entire system and reduce the stress on the pumping system, which will prolong the life of the pump. This should be performed at least once a month, but it is best practice to do it once a week.

It is important to have a general understanding of your pool equipment, especially the pump, as there is no filtration without the pump. These are just a couple of simple steps, but there are plenty of ways to ensure your pump is operating efficiently. Learning more is the best way to go about taking the best care of your pool possible. Contact us to learn about the best methods of pool pump maintenance.