Poolside Fire Pits

Lit pool with overhanging rock waterfall and pool-side lighting by New Image, Mesa's landscaping company

When you live in the desert, you find yourself living a slightly different lifestyle than your friends and family back east. As the days grow shorter, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors, enjoying the chilly desert nights and leaving windows open as we cuddle on the couch under blankets, reveling in being “cold.” Without a heated pool, we can’t swim, but that doesn’t mean we steer clear of our favorite summer friend; instead, we incorporate it into our winter rituals by building a poolside fire pit! Utilizing our patio furniture and the addition of a few snuggly blankets, nights spent under the stars with family and friends huddled around the fire with cups of hot chocolate create heartwarming memories that will last a lifetime.

Your Choices Are Many

Constructed from many different materials, including natural stone, brick, copper, and other materials, the design you choose can be rustic, sophisticated, or a combination of both—the only limit is your imagination! The use of propane means you can go from cold and dark to bright and hot with just a flick of the switch, but if you prefer the old-school ways, you can also construct one meant to house wood fires.

One of the advantages of being desert dwellers is the opportunity for outdoor living nearly the entire year. When you add a fire pit to your backyard oasis, it allows you to be outside even on the coldest nights; the only thing that can stop you is the rain! A properly constructed and designed fire pit can also increase the value of your home, should you ever decide you can leave this sanctuary you have created.

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The nights are finally cooling down, and New Image Landscape and Pools wants to help you maintain the warmth of family and friends by installing a stylish new fire pit in your backyard sanctuary!