Popular Landscaping Trends to Consider for Your Yard

Recent transplants to the Valley of the Sun may be surprised to discover that all Arizona landscapes are not comprised of cactus and desert sand. Many yards offer lush and verdant landscapes that remind some residents of their eastern upbringing. Over time we have learned ways to cheat, using desert plants that don’t need a lot of water and special automation equipment that lessens the time needed to keep our yards looking spectacular. And because we at New Image Landscape and Pools like to keep up with the latest landscaping trends, we are often the first place residents look at when seeking yard updates!

Double Duty Design

Many Arizona yards tend to be smaller, so incorporating design options that serve multiple purposes is a very popular option! Retaining walls that also offer seating options, trellis gardens that provide extra privacy as fencing, or outdoor pizza ovens that keep the heat out of your kitchen while adding to the glamour of your outdoor kitchen are just a few choices to consider adding to your own home. Multi-purpose is multi-functional!

Pergola Goals

The pergola is a piece of lawn furniture that has grown to new importance, evolving from simple wood structures that flowering vines cover with aromatic beauty to buildings that hide televisions, outdoor kitchens, and everything you could need to make your backyard an oasis! Desert heat has us staying inside during the dog days of summer, but with a pergola in your backyard, you can extend your outdoor adventures a few weeks longer!

Pretty in Pink

Design trends don’t always need to be grand and expensive. Sometimes adding color is all you need to update your backyard! Pink has been the color of the year, and if you can’t find yourself painting your home this rosy hue, or even just the trim, never fear; planting flowers in different shades of pink works just as well!

Modern Metal

Not everyone wants that family yard with acres of grass and punches of pink flowers; some of us prefer the sleeker and more modern look that can be obtained with metal! Iron gates, steel firepits, and copper flashing on the pergola are just some examples. The use of metal in your yard will only be limited by the boundaries of your imagination!

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