Popular Pool Features for the Season

Our favorite of all the Chandler, AZ pools we've had the pleasure of working on.

It used to be that a pool in your backyard was just that – a pool.  Rectangular or kidney shaped, plaster surface with tile boarders and maybe, if the depth was right, you would splurge for a diving board or a slide.  Standard pool decks did come in a variety of shades of beige, so there was some chance for uniqueness there, but other than that your pool looked like your neighbor’s pool, and your neighbor’s pool liked their neighbor’s pool, and so on and so on.

Today, there’s an exciting array of extras that turn your pool from ordinary to extraordinary and we’ve compiled a list of those items below for your consideration when building…or renovating…your backyard oasis. Read on for more information about improving your pools in Chandler AZ

Features to Consider for your Chandler AZ Pools

  • WaterfallsBack in the day waterfalls could be added to your pool, but only at great expense.  Today, it is rare for a pool to be built without one!  Both beautiful and functional, waterfalls keep your pool aerated, your water cooler, and make your pool visually interesting.  As a bonus, the sound of the water splashing into the pool creates a peaceful and tranquil environment and negates the need for a separate fountain – unless you want one of course! Trust us; any and all Chandler AZ pools could use a beautiful waterfall!
  • Splash PadsYou’ve seen them at malls and waterparks, but did you know they build splash pads for residential use now?  Perfect for younger children who haven’t learned to swim yet, you can either add one to your pool area, or just build a stand-alone one, and save money on water while helping save the environment and still managing to stay cool in the summer!
  • Custom LightingWith the advent of LED lighting, the options are endless.  Line the edges of your pool with the tiny but powerful LED lights and create a romantic and wild atmosphere that will be a big hit at all your pool parties!
  • Special Decks – Travertine, acrylic, and natural stone are some examples of types of pool decking that are both exciting and stand the test of time.  Why stick with the standards when you can build an elegant cool deck with just a little bit of extra effort and cost.
  • Swim Up BarsA party isn’t a party until you are able to swim up to your built-in bar and enjoy a cool, refreshing beverage from the comfort of your concrete stool without ever having to leave the water!  It’s hot outside, why leave the cool of your pool just because you’re thirsty?

New Image Landscape and Pools stay up to date

On all the latest and greatest pool accessories.  It’s one of the many enjoyable parts of our job!  We take classes on the equipment, study all the trade magazines, and spend a good portion of the year attending trade shows just so we can keep up to date and spread that knowledge to our customers.  Contact us today or take a peek at our photo gallery – you won’t be disappointed in our Chandler AZ Pools Features!