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Replacing Your Pool Tile – Why and How

One of the most abused areas of your pool is the tile that frames it. Year after year, the water beats against it, leaving behind hard water stains, dulling the surface, and eating away at the grout until finally it starts to break off and fall into the pool, possibly causing problems with your cleaning system. It can be an expensive choice to replace the pool tile, so you may be reluctant, and we understand, but there may come a day when you have no choice. Keep reading for more information.

Resurfacing Your Pool

This is the most common time for making the decision to change the tile and is also the least expensive time to do it. Your old pool tiles may clash with your new pool surface, may be damaged, or maybe you just want a change. Whatever your reasons, when you resurface the pool, the costs get added into the resurfacing price, raising your payment only slightly.

The Tiles Are Breaking Off and Falling into the Pool

At this point it is imperative that at the very least, you repair the loose tiles, or just go ahead and replace the entire frame. Small pieces that get swept into your cleaner can possibly cause damage to your equipment, while larger pieces can block the cleaner, keeping your pool from being cleaned. The sharp edges can also cut into the tender toes and feet of your loved ones if they aren’t paying attention. Your family’s safety is of utmost importance.

The Pool Tile Looks Outdated

Older pools have a certain look about them; they are generally shaped in one of a few standard layouts and the tiles resemble old Mexican tiles from the 70s. There may not be anything wrong with them, but you are ready for a more modern change, so just do it! Pool tile options available today are vastly improved and are more varied than in the past. Our favorites are the new glass tiles that come in almost any shade you can imagine and spice up your pool nicely, but you may be happier with a more subdued, yet modern porcelain tile.

New Image Landscape and Pools

At the end of the day, you want to be able to walk into your backyard and find an oasis of beauty and peace, something that will not happen if your pool looks dated and in disrepair, with tiles missing and stained. Book a consultation with New Image Landscape and Pools and let’s start discussing your options; your satisfaction and happiness is what we strive for!