Rockscaping Options for Your Yard

There are so many imaginative and creative ways to design a landscape, but sometimes it’s the simplest designs that can create the largest impact. A desert landscape, a garden of wildflowers, or a rockscape that is earthy, natural, and offers a modern twist can be all you need to create a yard that all the neighbors will envy. And when it’s time to create your own showpiece, this guide to rockscaping options will ensure that you do it right!

A Garden Path

Not every rockscape is designed with massive boulders in mind. Sometimes an uncomplicated rocky garden path is all you need to create the yard of your dreams. Let it meander aimlessly around your yard and line the path with solar lanterns or use it to direct guests to the spots with the best views and garden benches. Smaller rocks and pebbles can be used for this purpose, or, if you are looking for drama, larger pieces of flat and colorful flagstones will offer all the drama you need!

Create Levels

Although most of our desert homes are located on flat pieces of land, there are some built into the mountains that surround the valley and those yards can be steep and not feasible for use. Retaining walls, however, can be made from rocks and boulders, holding back the soil and creating flat spaces for all to enjoy. Creating a low wall around flower beds or vegetable gardens will also give your boring yard a vertical lift that is pleasing to the eye.

Accentuate a Boring Corner

Now is the time that the larger boulders can be put to good use. Accentuate a boring corner with one giant boulder surrounded by plants and smaller rocks. Place a strategic stone or two to be used as borders on the edge of concrete stairs, in the corner of your yard, or anywhere you think needs something to punctuate its beauty!

Use Gravel to Create Separation

Build a pergola and fill in the ground space with small pebbles, creating a space for a patio table or a garden bench. Build a river of stone, creating areas of interest—a play area on one side, a dining area on another, and a place to sit in still others! Build a firepit and have a gathering spot on cooler nights or use different sizes and colors of stones throughout the yard, eliminating the need for sprinklers.

So Many Rockscaping Ideas

There is so much you can do with a rockscape in your backyard. Give us a call today and let us help you discover which design will work best for you!