Scottsdale Lawn Maintenance Services

When you live in Scottsdale, the home you own portrays a certain elegance to the public, and the landscape surrounding your home is key in that portrayal. We understand that you probably don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge necessary to keep up with the work involved with your landscaping, and we are here to help! Here’s a list of what you can expect from our New Image Landscape and Pools Scottsdale lawn maintenance services.


Our mowing and Lawn Care in Scottsdale AZ involves more than just pushing a lawn mower around your property. Our knowledge of lawns means we know just how much grass should remain after we cut it to ensure it doesn’t grow too fast or get burned in the heat. We also remove all debris prior to mowing, and use the correct tools to get to places the lawn mower doesn’t reach—making sure it is cut to the same height as the rest of your lawn. And because we know about the nutritional value of grass clippings, we do not use a bag on our mowers; we leave the grass behind as nutritional mulch!


During the winter, our Scottsdale Lawn Service includes edging your lawn, to ensure that when the summer is here, your grass maintains a clean and crisp look.


While many companies will use one type of fertilizer, we understand the intricacies of the different types of grass, and we will use a fertilizer that works best with your lawn. Our fertilization schedule will be included in your lawn maintenance services contract.


You can expect us to weed your lawn at each visit, using a combination of herbicides and good old-fashioned hand pulling; we don’t want to damage the foliage around the yard.


Your shrubbery is a part of your lawn, and we consider it a privilege to take care of it as well. Our knowledge ensures that we will prune your shrubs only when they should be to ensure healthy growth and flower blooming. We also maintain space control; your shrubs will never grow out into public areas or overgrow in front of windows or doors. We will discuss any special care your shrubs need at our initial consultation.

We Leave the Area Cleaner Than When We Arrived

In addition to removing debris already in place when we arrive, we also remove all pruning debris we may have caused. Grass and leaves will be mulched through the lawn mower and left behind to feed your lawn.

Schedule Lawn Care in Scottsdale AZ with Us Today!

At your initial consultation, we will prepare a schedule for maintenance, discuss payment schedules, and even go over the list of people you can expect will be working on your lawn. At this time, we can also discuss special needs, our floriculture program (flowers always make a home seem warm and welcoming!), and any other concerns you may have. New Image Landscape and Pools takes pride in the homes we care for, and it shows. We guarantee your lawn will be the pride of your Scottsdale neighborhood!