Scottsdale Pool Service: Equipment Repair and Upgrades

If you have a pool in your backyard, you already know the fun and benefits it can bring to your household, including increased property values for your Scottsdale home. But you also know the importance of maintaining your pool daily, so as to ensure you have many years of pool enjoyment ahead of you. Some people may shy away from pool ownership, afraid of the work involved, but you know that the secret to a sparkling clean pool starts with a little help from your friends at New Image Landscape and Pools! Over the decades we have been involved in the pool industry, we’ve managed to learn a few things, and we are always happy to share with our clients! Read on to learn more from the top pool builders in Scottsdale!

Maintaining Chlorine Levels

If you want to keep your pool looking blue and clean in one of your Scottsdale Custom Pools, maintaining proper chlorine levels is a key factor. It doesn’t take long, and a chemical test kit is inexpensive and can be purchased at any pool store. Take a couple of minutes while you’re enjoying your morning coffee and test the levels; if the levels fall below 1 ppm, algae can start to appear and may become very difficult to clear up, interfering with your swimming time.

Water Circulation and Filter

Algae isn’t the only bacteria that can attack your pool, and water that doesn’t circulate properly can be a cause for the development of bacteria, including algae, in your pool. Keeping your pool pump maintained helps keep the water flowing—as does swimming, believe it or not! Keeping the filter clean and debris free helps as well.

Speaking of Cleaning

Even the best pool cleaners need a little human help in maintaining their crystal-clear pool, and keeping up with your chlorine levels, cleaning the filter, and running your pump the optimal amount of time each day are not the only ways to keep your pool clean. We recommend that you take a half hour (or more if your pool is a large one) and brush off the walls and the floor of your pool at least once a week; during monsoon season, this may need to be done more often! If you don’t have the time, energy, or interest in doing this, it’s a great chore for your children to perform! Brushing the sides of the pool can knock off any unseen algae that may be starting to form, and if you add a small amount of algaecide at the same time (this should be an adult only chore), it will ensure that no new algae will develop!

Your Scottsdale Custom Pools Will Thank You

It may seem daunting at first, but maintaining your pool equipment and the cleanliness of your pool will ensure that your equipment will last for a long time. Schedule an appointment with your Scottsdale Pool Service today and we can guide you through all aspects of pool ownership!