Pool Maintenance and Pool Repair in Scottsdale

Remember way back when you first installed your summer life saver in your backyard? The pool looked so clean, so crisp, so coolly beautiful. You spent almost as much time admiring it as you did in it, and the pictures you posted of your backyard oasis on your social networking site garnered so many likes your Scottsdale neighbors started installing pools of their own! Time passes quickly, however, and as we get closer and closer to the next decade, you may find that the equipment that keeps your pool sparkling clean and blue has started to fail through no fault of your own. Just like the motors in your car, your air conditioning unit, and your refrigerator, the motor in your pool equipment will age and become less efficient or not work at all. Fortunately, innovations in pool equipment, combined with our experience in the industry, mean you will soon be admiring your beautiful pool once more! Read on to learn more about the top Pool Service in Scottsdale!

Exciting Choices

We have three words for you that are about to change your life: variable speed pumps! Chances are your older pool equipment only has a single phase, and your summer electric bills show the effects of this inefficiency. Automation, pool apps on your phone, and the ability to adjust pump RPMs (and therefore lowering your energy costs!) while keeping the pool cleaner than it has ever been before is in your future, and we think you will be very happy! Even the pool filters work better today, and when you add the latest and greatest of pool cleaners to the mix, you are guaranteed once more to have a pool you are proud of!

Too Many Options Can Be Confusing

If you have to make the decision on which equipment works best alone, you may come away depressed, confused, and disappointed in the results. But because you have New Image Landscape and Pools on your side, this will not be the case. Take advantage of our over 35 years offering top notch pool service in Scottsdale and let us help you choose the equipment that works best for your pool and fits your budget to a tee; that’s what we are here for! We understand that you want only the best for your Scottsdale pool and we can often find the best at the perfect price. You don’t always have to spend a huge amount of money to get what you need!

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Maintaining your pool and pool equipment can be challenging at times if you don’t have the right people by your side. New Image Landscape and Pools has the answers to all your questions, so why not give us a call? Contact us today, so you can start your journey to having the best pool in Scottsdale!