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Shade Structures to Consider for Your Yard

If you have spent more than five minutes outside during the summer in the valley, you understand exactly how important shade is to your health and wellbeing! That sun is bright, hot, and relentless, and although the shade may only lower the temps a few degrees, it makes a huge difference. If you want to spend any time at all in your own backyard, we advise building shade structures to help create a space that is both beautiful and cool. This guide to shade structures should give you some ideas as to what you want!

Shade Sails

Very little to no construction is needed for this simple and inexpensive way to create shade in your backyard. Consisting of sun resistant canvas style fabric that is generally shaped like the sail of a boat, it has ropes on each end that can be tied to roofs, eye hooks installed in the eaves of your home, or—and this is the only case where any construction might be needed—attached to a tall wooden pole that has been cemented firmly into the ground. Inexpensive and effective, it’s a great option for smaller yards or patios that are uncovered.

Pavilion or Canopy

Although the pavilion, also known as a canopy in some states, is more expensive, the costs can be dialed up or down a little depending on how elaborate you choose to make it. Built of aluminum, tin, or some other kinds of metal or wood, and open on all four sides, the roof generally consists of some sort of fabric. For a romantic and breezy look, white fabric can be used as curtains tied to the legs of the metal structure, but we suggest using a heavier, sun-resistant fabric for the roof.


A gazebo can be as elaborate as you wish and generally consists of an octagon-shaped shingled roof and wood posts. Half wooden fencing can be placed between each post, or it can be left open, much as a pavilion. Offering the perfect spot for a patio table for al fresco dining, the shade provided by a gazebo is much desired and the design adds a touch of charm to a bare backyard.

Find Shade Structures That You Love?

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