Enjoy a dip in your new Arizona pool

Splash Pads Vs. Pools For Your Backyard

There are many advantages to living in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, especially at this time of year. As your friends and family back home are being buried alive in the latest snowpocalypse, the only thing we are shoveling is sunshine and the only salt we are spreading is the salt on the rims of our margaritas! Phoenix life is a good life, but we do have the scorching heat of summer as our burden to bear, a burden that can be greatly eased with the construction of a water structure in your own backyard! From misters attached to the edge of your gazebo cover to the crystal clear waters of your own personal pool, the water brings relief from the rising mercury but it also brings more decisions to be made! Do you want to let your children chill in the fun provided by a colorful splash pad or do you prefer to end your days with a leisurely swim in your own private Arizona pool? New Image Landscape and Pools is here to help you make the right decision for your family!

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The Pros of Splash Pads

There are many reasons why you may choose to install a splash pad in your backyard as opposed to a pool, beginning with yard size. Arizonans know that many of our homes come on quite small lots that don’t leave room for a pool, but most properties DO have the space for a splash pad! The expenses associated with this water equipment are far lower too, although they do have the capability of creeping up in price the fancier you get. Designed to spark the imagination of the youngsters who will revel in their coolness, a splash pad can range from a few squares of material upon which small jets send water streaming into the air to a massive structure filled with multiple water features including colorful mushrooms and even buckets that fill up and then dump their “treasure” on to the eagerly awaiting victims below! Also costing less in upkeep, they can be the ideal addition to the yard of a budget conscious family. Another reason for their popularity is the safety factor. The fear of pool emergencies may keep a young family from even considering the benefits, but a splash pad is safe, sanitary, and can help extend outdoor summer play time by more than a few weeks!

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The Beauty of an Arizona Pool

Splash pads can be a wonderful addition to your personal oasis, but the benefits of a pool may be just what your soul needs. Pools can also be constructed in a variety of sizes, so some of the smaller yards may be able to hold a smaller pool that will help keep you cool in the on the hottest days of the year. Bringing a peace and tranquility to the yard, many pools are equipped with color changing lights that can illuminate your yard in a fun way and the sounds of water tumbling over the rocks on a pool with a waterfall can add to the peace in your home. Pools are great choices for those who are looking to add a little more exercise to their daily routine. Swimming laps, practicing your water aerobics skills, or simply dancing to the music you are streaming through speakers hidden in artificial rocks can be a fun way to work away the pounds! And at night, on those days when the temperatures are still in the triple digits even after the moon is firmly ensconced in the sky, a quiet swim through silky waters will do something that the most expensive air conditioning system often fails to accomplish. The seemingly bathwater temps of your deep summer pool can bring down your core body temperature and upon occasion, has even been known to induce goosebumps and chattering teeth!

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Why not Both?

If your budget and your yard are big enough, there is no reason you can’t construct both in your backyard! Your yard will be the gathering point in the neighborhood as hordes of kids descend upon you, for long leisurely days of pool AND splash pad fun! Segment off a section of your yard for a splash pad designed for the toddler gang in your Mommy and Me classes and fence off the enticing and beautiful pool for the safety of your family and your neighbors! Weekends are meant for pool parties and yours will be known to be legendary, but only a select few will realize that your inviting back yard serves multiple purposes. It keeps you and your family cool, attracts the neighborhood kids to your yard, and enables you to ALWAYS know what your own kiddos are doing as they are playing in the backyard “waterpark” with all their friends! Give us a call today and let’s get started constructing the backyard of your dreams!