Summer Gardening Tips for Arizona

One of the best things about living in Arizona is the weather; unfortunately, that can also be one of the worst things about living in Arizona. Though temperate in the winter and spring, sunny skies and scorching temperatures make summer a difficult time to live through – and an even more difficult time to garden through!

With that in mind, it’s important to change one’s strategies when trying to garden in the summer, and make sure your landscape is ready for the scorching temperature increases! Here are our top summer gardening tips to make sure that your summer garden is as beautiful as can be

Remember that Not All Vegetables Do Well Here

With temperatures over 100 degrees most of the year, there are some vegetables you just can’t grow. Some that have been proven to do well, though, include the following; melons, cucumbers, herbs, and not surprisingly, peppers.

Desert – and Summer Hardy – Plants Can Be Beautiful Too

Sage is an especially desert ready plant and the silvery green backdrop to the colorful flowers that grow on the bush can take your breath away. Salvias, zinnias, and even some cactus varieties offer generous and colorful flowers that survive the summer heat without needing excessive watering.

Summer Gardening Tips: Use Hardscaping to Reduce Water Usage

Some of the most beautiful gardens are accentuated with paved paths, garden benches, solar lights, and even a structure or two. Adding any or all of these to your garden space increases the style and charm of your desert garden, while reducing your water usage. Remember; we live in the desert, and water is precious; do everything you can to make sure your garden is water savvy!

Use Bubblers and Timers for your Plants

Standing over a garden with hose in hand can be therapeutic, but it also can be a waste of a precious resource – water. Bubblers can be timed to run for preset times, giving you just the right amount of hydration to keep your garden growing beautifully!

Give New Image Landscape and Pools a Call

Sometimes the best way to adapt to new gardening styles is with the help of an experienced landscape company! Making your backyard beautiful is our specialty – schedule an appointment with us today! And remember, the best time to do your gardening in the summer is in the early hours of the day when the temperatures are low. Your garden won’t grow if you don’t take care of the gardener’s needs first!