Synthetic Grass and Turf in Arizona

An up-close look at what your Arizona synthetic grass may look like

Drought and the desert go hand and hand, so why waste valuable drinking water when there is another viable option that can give you that emerald blanket of green with a minimum of fuss and valuable resources?  Today’s synthetic lawns provide all the beauty and welcome of real grass, without forcing you to spend long hours sweating in the desert heat AND save tons of gallons of water – it’s a win-win situation! Read on for more information about our Arizona synthetic grass services.

Why Arizona Synthetic Grass?

Smart desert dwellers that believe in working smarter, not harder, and care about their environment, that’s who!  An occasional hose down to rid it of dust and other debris is basically all the work needed.  Pet owners might have to hose it down a little more often to get rid of any odor causing waste, but even that is far less water wasted than would be if you had to water every day of the week for at least 7 months out of the year! Trust us, when it comes to water preservation, Arizona synthetic grass is the way to go!

Originally developed in the 1960s, synthetic turf used to be stiff, fake looking, and could cause breathing problems for athletes in large stadiums, which is primarily where it was used first.  Today’s synthetic lawns, while still made of plastic and nylon, are so realistic most people won’t believe it without reaching down and touching it for themselves!   Created with draining layers and laid across a sand base, puddling is no longer a problem, and with the softness of today’s products, rolling around on the lawn is as cooling and fun as it used to be when you were a child back east, without the itchiness that came along with real turf!

Imagine the envy on your neighbors faces’ when they see how beautiful and inviting your lawn is and just how much it improves your property values!  Beauty equals big bucks, and even real grass doesn’t look as good as our synthetic grass in Arizona does! And while your neighbors who have real grass are outside sweating and getting dirty, you can be inside doing more important things, like playing games with your children or reading a good book as you drink a glass of wine!

New Image Landscape and Pools and Synthetic Grass in Arizona

We’ve been in the landscape business for many years and we are excited about this product!  There may be more of an initial cost, but when you add up the cost of watering, reseeding, and fertilizing, you will end up saving so much more in the long run!  Contact us today to learn more about synthetic turf in Arizona or any other landscape, synthetic lawn supply, or pool product you might be considering.  We want to help you make your home a tropical escape from the worries and troubles of real life!