It’s Never Too Soon to Break Ground on Your New Arizona Pool!

This time of year, when the mercury drops and the rain starts falling, we tend to forget all about the broiling days of summer. Call it our brain’s way of protecting us to ensure that we don’t pack up and move away, but we begin to feel the chill will last forever. Which, of course, it won’t. In a few short weeks, the days will be longer, the nights will be shorter, and the golden orb that is perpetually hanging around the desert sky will bring broiling temps. And depending on what you do in the next month or so, you could be spending your summer days chilling in your new Arizona pool, or you could be doing the same thing you did last year: hanging your heaviest blackout curtains on the windows, turning the AC down, and wishing you could get out for a minute or two without self-combusting into a pile of charred embers! The choice is yours, and we’re here to help show you that it’s never too soon to break ground on your new pool!

The First Step is Choosing New Image Landscape and Pools

You’ve seen the images of our work in our gallery, and now that you’ve chosen us to build your own dream pool, it is time draw up the proper plans. The more detailed the plans, the less chance for mistakes, which is why you chose us in the first place! Your land will need to be blue staked next; this service is free and will help you avoid the deadly error of destroying any utility lines or gas pipes hidden under the surface. These beginning stages can be boring, but they are important to the integrity of the pool build, and before long, the fun begins!

From excavation, where we take your well-manicured backyard and turn it into a construction zone, to plumbing, rebar, and electrical work, you can follow the process daily from the windows of your home. Each day brings about a new and exciting aspect to your pool and soon, after inspection, it will be time for shotcrete, decking, and the waterline tile. The final step (before filling it with water) is shooting the interior. Today’s options are plentiful, and you can choose the color and the materials to make this pool look even better than you dreamed. Filling, then preparing the start-up is the final step, which as you can see, has been quite lengthy!

Arizona Pools – Now You Know

It generally takes a couple of months or more from the planning stage to floating on your flamingo raft with a tropical drink in hand, and if you don’t want to start pool season locked away in your home, calling us today is essential! Let’s make your summer dreams come true!

Enjoy Year-Round Water Fun with a Heated Spa or Pool

Living in the Phoenix area comes with many perks. Offering a beautiful landscape, friendly people, and weather that lets us enjoy our pools almost year-round, there’s no place we would rather live! But the word “almost” bothers us a little, because we know that with an average of 299 days of sunshine in Phoenix each year, we should be able to take advantage of our pools the entire year, not just part of the year. When you add a heater to your pool, install a hot tub in your backyard, or do both, you CAN swim or simmer in bubbles every day of the year! Life just doesn’t get any better than this when you have a heated spa.

Adding a Heater to Your Pool

If you already have a pool, a professional can install a heater to your equipment fairly easily and at a reasonable price. Depending on the size of your pool, heater prices can run about $1000 and up, with installation prices varying according to the installer. If you’re thinking about going that route, give us a call here at New Image Landscape and Pools and we can work up an estimate that will easily fit in your pool budget! If you’re just now planning on digging a new pool in your backyard, adding the heater to your equipment is an easy fix; we bring up the topic of pool heaters at the very beginning of the planning stage, so there are no surprises when the weather cools.

Heated Spa in Arizona?

Although we all know that by August, the pool water can actually feel like a hot tub, or at the very least, a very large bathtub filled with warm water, a hot tub is still something homeowners still consider, and for very good reasons. Once the sun drops behind the mountains in the winter, the air can develop a bite, and soaking in the bubbly wonders of your own hot tub can be a very good thing. Aching muscles, bad backs, or just a bad day at the office are other reasons that adding a hot tub to your property will be the best idea you’ve had since the thought of moving to the Phoenix area entered your mind!

Give Us a Call

The cool days are what keep desert dwellers sane, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop all outdoor fun when the temperatures drop. Give us a call today and let’s start a discussion on adding a heated spa to your life!

Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Pool and Landscape

As the temperatures drop and the leaves turn to their brilliant fall colors, we in Arizona grab our warm sweaters and sigh a deep breath of relief that the end of summer has arrived—oh, who are we kidding? If you’ve lived in the desert for any length of time, you understand that fall temperatures aren’t truly cool until after Halloween. We still have quite a while to go before we pull out the sweaters and long pants, but there are still some important upkeep matters we can take care of once the temperatures drop below 100 degrees, and our tips will ensure your Arizona landscape and pool will be beautiful all year long!

The Bounty of Your Fall Arizona Landscape

Fall, or at least after the monsoon season has ended and the triple digits have dropped to double digits, is the perfect time to start work on the landscape that more than likely you have neglected due to the heat! Fall is when we fertilize to keep the ground healthy, but it is also the best time to start planting flowers and that vegetable garden you’ve dreamed of starting for years. Now is when you work on maintaining your trees: planting new ones, staking young ones, or pruning branches before the “cold” weather of winter begins. If you’re anxious for your yard to look colorful, this is the time when the fall annuals bloom; pick up a bowl or flat from your local home store and your yard will soon become a breathtaking display that will be the envy of all your neighbors!

Keeping That Pool Pretty

When we are actively swimming in the pool in the summer, we tend to be a tad more vigilant about keeping up with the chemicals and other routine maintenance, but once we aren’t out there as much, we kind of forget the pool exists. Out of sight, out of mind can lead to unwanted consequences; it’s easier and less expensive to maintain a balanced pool than it is to play catch up with the chemicals!

For those with heated pools, there will be no change in chemical additives, but for non-heated pools, you CAN step back on the chemicals you add. Draining your pool at the end of fall, once the ambient temperature has dropped below 80 degrees, is something that should be done every other year or every couple of years to keep your pool equipment working in prime condition and lessen the hard water stains on your pool walls.

We Can Help

Give us a call today and let New Image Landscape and Pools help get your Arizona landscape ready for the next season!

Time to Upgrade Your Pool?

One of the best parts of living in the desert is being able to swim in the pool for up to 90% of the year when the pool is heated or at the very least 75% of the year if its not! Walking out the door and slipping into the cool, clear waters no matter what time of day or night is a treat we never take for granted, but could that experience be even better? If your Arizona pool is serving you perfectly well, but you find yourself wondering if it could be even better, these Arizona pool upgrades could be just the extra bit of fun you’ve been looking for!


The standard pool comes with a single boring white light; it does its job of allowing you to see at night but without any extra pizazz or sparkle. LED lighting, on the other hand, is easily added to your Arizona pool, uses less voltage (leading to lower utility bills), and comes with the ability to change into multiple colors! Exciting, brilliant, and offering a unique glow to the beauty of your backyard, it’s one of our favorite pool upgrades!


As the world evolves into a smart one, pool systems have not fallen behind. Automation options can turn your Arizona pool into a smart pool that is easy to maintain and exciting to spend time in! Managed by an app on your phone, you can control your pool equipment without having to be in the same state, let alone needing to step outside in the heat! Automation is also a money saving device, allowing pool owners to more closely monitor and utilize the equipment that previously was responsible for sucking the money of out of your bank account!

Extra Arizona Pool Style

Upgrades can be fun, and the addition of a firepit or even just fire accents to your pool is made easy, especially when you tie the additions into the automation upgrade! Fire on water isn’t something you see every day, but it should be! Deck jets that shoot water into the pool can be added to help keep the water cooler during the hottest days of summer, and if you’re up for a little construction, a waterfall built of stone or bricks can serve the same purpose; the extra style associated with any of these upgrades will ensure your pool will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Is it Time?

Give us a call today and let’s discuss all the upgrade options that are available for your Arizona pool. We at New Image Landscape and Pools are eager to help!

Saltwater Vs. Fresh Water Pools

There was once a time when pool variances were rare. Homeowners were able to pick from a small selection of chlorine pool styles and then would pay an arm and a leg, wait months for it to be built, and be happy; it’s no wonder the not very efficient above ground pool went through a brief period of popularity! Today, however, is another story altogether. Choosing from styles of all shapes and sizes, surface materials, depths, and even edge styles makes the process a bit more complicated, and when you add the choice of saltwater versus fresh water, it should make you glad that you have us on your side to help you interpret your Arizona pool choices!

The Popular Choice

Although chlorine works perfectly well, the benefits of a salt water pool make them the most popular choice in new Arizona pool builds. Saltwater pools are much better at maintaining the chemical balance needed for clarity and health, and because saltwater pools convert salt particles to chloritic acid, which is the purest form of chlorine, it helps keep the pH levels from fluctuating.

Another saltwater pool characteristic is the lower amount of chloramines that are produced by oxidation; chloramines are the irritants in chlorine that burn your eyes, leaving them red and irritated. And although many people worry that a saltwater pool will make the skin dry and itchy much as a swim in the ocean would, the levels of salt parts per million (ppm) in a pool average about 2800 to 4200; for comparison, salt levels in the sea run about 35,000 ppm. The softer water of saltwater pools leaves the pool running smoother, cleaner, and may help people with skin allergies suffer less reactions.

While a saltwater pool costs more to set up initially, maintenance costs are low enough to help pool owners make up the difference in the long run.

Still a Viable Solution for You Arizona Pool

The startup cost of a saltwater pool can make it difficult for homeowners on a limited budget to afford, so if a chlorine pool is all that your budget can withstand, go with that option. Chlorine pools can be converted to saltwater at any time, so choosing this alternative doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to chlorine forever—you’re just putting it off for a minute or two!

New Image Landscape and Pools Can Help

There are a lot of issues to consider when making the decision to build an Arizona pool in your backyard. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your personal oasis!

Spend Labor Day Weekend Next to Your New Arizona Pool

As summer arrives in the valley, the hot days stretch out long and seemingly unending before you. You try to fill the hours with trips up to the cool country, afternoons at the movies, or visits to the ice cream parlors in town, but by the time July rolls around, you shut the curtains, turn down the AC, and hunker down until cooler temperatures arrive! But summer in Arizona doesn’t always have to be that way; if you start now, it’s entirely possible you could be swimming in your new built-in Arizona pool by Labor Day Weekend!

So Soon?

A basic pool with nothing extra added can actually be completed in approximately 45 days (sometimes longer), but don’t let that force you into accepting something less than what you want. This is an investment into your future comfort, and a more complex pool can take up to 60 days, which depending on how soon you start, will still allow you to be swimming by Labor Day! If you want something really elaborate, there’s still a couple of months of swimming weather after Labor Day, so planning a fall party is always an option as well!

Planning a Labor Day Arizona Pool Party

However long it takes to get that pool in your backyard, there’s one more very important step to consider: planning the “opening day” pool party! Labor Day Weekend is a long one, so planning your pool party for Sunday would be the best choice; it gives your guests time to recuperate before going back to work on Tuesday! We’ll leave the food and drink menu to you, but we will guide you through the necessities of a pool party. From basketball hoops to floating drink holders and beach towels to shade spots, there are lots of accessories you may need to consider purchasing to make this party the talk of the block! Oh, and if you really want to be helpful, purchasing sunscreen from Costco will help keep your guests from burning as they swim and frolic in your new pool; the host with the most thinks of everything!

We May Be Getting Ahead of Ourselves

You haven’t even started the permit process and we’re already planning your Labor Day pool party, but we can’t help it; we get so excited helping our customers start on their way to nighttime swims and pool parties! Give us a call today and let’s change the view from your back windows with a cool and therapeutic Arizona pool!

Choosing a Finish for Your Arizona Pool

While the interior of your pool may not be the first element you think of when designing your Arizona pool, it is an element that can change your whole pool’s fundamental look, bringing it to a new level of luxury and style. There are several types of pool finishes to choose from, including plaster, tile, and aggregate finishes, and each finish offers an array of colors and textures. Whether you are building a new inground pool or doing renovations to your existing pool, here are some of the options for choosing a finish for your Arizona pool.

Plaster Finishes for Your Arizona Pool

Plaster finishes are the oldest and most common type of pool finishes. A simple mix of water, cement, and marble dust or silica sand, the plaster appears white in color which makes your pool water look bright and clear with a light blue tint. Plaster is a popular choice because of its smooth, classic finish.

Plaster can also be mixed with colored pigments or dyes to give your poolscape a more dramatic appearance. The most common colored plaster is medium gray because it gives your pool a blue tint. Darker grays and blacks can give your pool a reflective look for an even more dramatic design. It is often used to make your pool look more natural, like a lake or pond, and your landscape will often be reflected off the surface of your pool.

Plaster finishes typically last 5 to 7 years before there are signs of wear and chipping.

Aggregate Finishes

Aggregate finishes are the newest type of pool finishes and something to consider when choosing a finish for your Arizona pool. They combine white or colored plaster with glass beads, river stones, pieces of quartz, or granite. The finishes can come either exposed or polished. Aggregate finishes are popular because they give your poolscape a refined elegance. Aggregate finishes are also more resilient to chemicals and stains than plaster finishes.

Polished aggregate finish contains crushed pigment, stones, quartz, or granite with a clear finish that helps the stone shine and makes the surface smooth. Because of the added stone and polish, polished aggregate finishes can last anywhere from 12 to 20 years before they show signs of wear.

Exposed aggregate finishes allow the texture of the glass beads and stones to coat the bottom of your pool. With almost an endless amount of textures, blends, and colors, an aggregate finish will give your pool a unique look.

Let Us Help You In Choosing a Finish for Your Arizona Pool

If you are building a new pool or updating your existing pool, our experts can help you pick the perfect finish for your pool. We have been working in the Arizona pool and landscaping industry for more than 30 years. For more information on our services or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.

How to Make Your Pool High-Tech!

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It can make our chores easier and allow us to spend more time enjoying our technology-driven playthings and less time maintaining them. Take your average backyard pool, for example. In the old days, we were lucky to have a kidney shaped pool with a single light and a single-phase pump circulating the pool, with no more than a 1.0 or 1.5 horsepower motor. Today’s technology, however, offers bells and whistles you never dreamed of, with most actions being controlled by a single app on your phone, computer, or tablet. Lower energy bills, colorful lights, and pools that clean themselves can be yours when you turn your pool into a smart pool with technology and automation.

Integrated into Your Smart Home System

A smart home plus a smart pool equals one very happy homeowner, and most automation systems will integrate with your smart home systems. The automation total control system will replace your traditional subpanel breaker box, with all the leading manufacturers making smart systems to automate their own equipment. Start with a variable speed pump, the latest and greatest ways to circulate, filter, and clean your pool while using less energy, thereby costing less money. These money savers are required by law in most states, including Arizona, California, and Nevada, and can be controlled by the smart app on your phone.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

The standard pool cleaners are water powered gadgets that randomly run around the pool only when the pump is circulating, but a robotic cleaner runs independent from the pool equipment, plugs into an outlet, maps out your pool, and never covers the same spot twice. They also do a better job at climbing and scrubbing the walls; the only downside is they won’t connect to your smart pool app. Some cleaners do have their own separate app, however, and can cost you anywhere from $800 to $1800 depending on the sophistication of the unit.

LED Lighting & Water Features

Advances in pool technology have also improved the lighting and water feature areas of your pool. LED lighting connects to your pool app and offers a variety of colors and modes that can be set to go on and off with timers controlled by your app. Smaller accent lights can be used in shallower and darker areas of your pool, thus illuminating them better for nighttime swimming. Finally, LED sheer descents provide a glasslike waterfall effect, and LED-lighted jets offer a pool lighting show that will amaze and awe your family and friends!

Let New Image Landscape and Pools Help You Make Your Pool Life Easier

Give us a call and let’s start a conversation about how smart technology can change your life!

Arizona Pool Tips to Give Some Reprieve from the Sun

Wondering how you can bring shade to your pool and get a break from the sun? Well, New Image Landscape and Pools has some great options to make your pool a hub for relaxation. Check out our Arizona pool tips and ideas below!

Pool Bars

A pool bar is exactly what you think it is! It’s a bar complete with bar stools, a surface to place your drink, and an area where the bartender and the drinks stay dry! The pool bar comes with a shaded structure, like an umbrella to keep you and your drinks cool. Just swim up to your pool bar, have a drink and enjoy a nice read. You won’t regret having shade that also provides your favorite drinks!


This easy to install shade structure resembles a gazebo, just with a little more flair and design! A pagoda consists of four posts and multiple beams across the top. Pagodas can be decorated with vines or used as an additional space for entertainment near your pool. The word pagoda originally refers to Hindu and Buddhist temples that were created with Asian influence and multiple tiers. Though the landscape version has a simpler purpose, feel free to let history inspire the design of your pagoda by adding some ornamental flair to it. You and your guests will feel as if you are enjoying an oasis in a faraway land!


Including a waterfall in your pool has multiple benefits! But if designed just right, your waterfall can create a magical resting place behind its falling water—a shady and cool enclave! This feature stands out among the other benefits in that it provides a quiet oasis where one can escape the harsh desert sun and find a place to meditate on the beauty of streaming water. So make sure when including your waterfall that you dream up a design that includes a shady enclave where you can sit and take in the coolness of your oasis!

Contact Us for More Arizona Pool Tips

Did you find yourself feeling excited while reading about these shade structures? If so, we want to help take that excitement and translate it into a design that will make your dream pool a reality. We will help you with the logistics of details, designs and the work it will take to make it happen. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started and receive our services!