3 New Arizona Pool Design Ideas to Make Your Backyard Stand Out

Remember the days when very few people had pools in their backyard, and those that did had to stick to two basic designs? With very few exceptions (Liberace’s piano shaped pool, for one!), the standard homeowner’s pool was built in the shape of a rectangle or a kidney. It made the design process a lot easier to complete but said nothing about the owner’s personality!

Today, however, the only limits to your pool design is your imagination—and your budget, of course! To get you started on the path to innovation, we’ve created this guide to three new Arizona pool design ideas that will make your backyard stand out.

Recessed Lounge Area

Your pool is guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood when you include a recessed lounge area that is perfect for socializing, tanning, and staying dry on those days you don’t want to worry about your hair! Built-in concrete seating, cushions, and a built-in table can be the focus of your backyard oasis; just add friends and alcohol (no glass!) and you have the ingredients for a perfect pool party.

Zero-Edge Pools

This breathtaking Arizona pool design idea(also called the infinity edge)has become popular in yards with a view,and your home in the foothills is perfect for the zero-edge look. Seemingly going on forever,as you sit in a lounge chair at the other end of your pool, your view of the valley will be enhanced by the crystal-clearwaters of your new pool. Add a firepit in the center or along the edges and your neighbors will be green with envy!

Create an Oasis

When you really want to impress, your cool new pool offers many opportunities to enhance its natural beauty. From cascading waterfalls to hot tubs to lazy rivers,your backyard will stand out against the sea of ordinary! Add a koi pond and a bridge that crosses the pond for maximum wow factor.Your backyard oasis is the one place in your life that will never let you down.

New Image Landscape and Pools for Great Arizona Pool Design Ideas

Going above and beyond the norm can be a scary experience, especially if you don’t have the knowledge to determine if what you are dreaming about can be done! When it’s time to stop dreaming and start constructing, give New Image Landscape and Pools a call. We have the knowledge and experience to give you the backyard of your dreams!

Pool Bar Phoenix: What are They and Why Do You Need One?

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of summer in Arizona, even though the 100+ degree temperatures we had in April make it seem as if we should already be nearing the end of the summer solstice! As the days grow longer, our pool time becomes a very important recreational activity. Practicing cannonballs with the kids, floating atop the crystal blue waters with an icy beverage and a hot summer best seller, sitting at the pool bar drinking the tasty tropical drinks made by your amateur bartender/spouse—these lazy day experiences are what we wait for the entire year. Why not improve the experience with a pool bar Phoenix? You’ve seen them in fancy hotels, but were you aware they can be designed for residential use as well? Your summer celebrations will get exponentially better if you install one for yourself!

The Concept is Simple and Brilliant

Have you ever considered how much time you waste climbing in and out of the pool simply to refresh your favorite summer beverage? A swim-up pool bar Phoenix allows you to save time and stay cool, as you never have to leave the water! It can be as simple as you like, consisting of a single concrete bar and a few pool stools, or as elaborate as you have ever dreamed possible. If you have the space, consider building an outdoor kitchen nearby so you can spend all your summer hours enjoying the oasis that is your backyard! The only limits are the boundaries of your imagination.

There’s just a couple rules to pool bars. First, the pool bar should be in the shallow end of the pool, with the stools allowing you to remain partially submerged and the bar itself standing about six inches above the pool coping. Second, and the most important rule of all, your pool bar should be used as much as humanly possible throughout the summer! You work hard and deserve to be able to play hard as well.

Choosing Your Pool Bar Phoenix

Your choices are virtually limitless, but your options as to what bar to choose may not be. You can’t go grand and impressive with a small play pool, and if your pool is Olympic-sized, a simple counter and a couple of stools may look less than stellar. Sitting down with our experts at New Image Landscape and Pools will ensure that the pool bar you choose fits like a glove AND impresses your neighbors and friends. Give us a call today and lets discuss how we can up the cool quotient of your backyard oasis with a swim-up pool bar Phoenix!

Arizona Pool Tips: Getting Ready for the Hot, Hot Summer

April is upon us, and that means we have limited time to get our pools ready for the extreme heat that is around the corner. Unlike many places across the country, Arizona pools have to deal with a completely different set of issues because of the heat and the problems that come along with triple digit temperatures. To help you with the fight for your pool, here are a few Arizona pool tips!

Arizona Pool Tips: Toss in a Few Tennis Balls

If you are using your pool regularly, there is a good chance that people have been using sunscreen prior to jumping in. Although sunscreen is the best way to help prevent skin cancer and nasty sun burns, it is extremely harmful to your pool. Sunscreens and tanning oils will build up in the water, creating an oily layer that will sit on the top of the water line. If left unchecked, this will lead to a dirty pool in a short amount of time. An easy solution is to leave a few tennis balls float on the top of the water. The balls will absorb the oils from the top of the water and leave you with a clean and crystal clear pool.

Wipe Down the Tile Line

If you have had a pool, chances are you have scrubbed the sides or bottom to remove contaminants. Just like the bottom of the pool, the tile line at the top will collect debris and contaminants that will dirty your pool. This mostly happens in Arizona when the pool is used or we refill the pool. Since water evaporates quickly in our heat, the debris dries on the tiles and sits there. When the water reaches the tile through either refill or water displacement, the debris will then fall in and dirty your pool quickly. Make sure you keep the top clean throughout the summer season.

Check the Water Level

Arizona is really hot— so hot it will steal your water. The high heat in Arizona causes evaporation much more quickly than in most areas. Make sure that you are checking your pool’s water level to ensure you won’t damage your pool filtration system or ruin the pool’s surface. An easy way to fill it is to install an automatic filler options that will refill the pool water whenever it falls below a certain level.