The Best Water-Saving Solutions that You Can Use in Your Pool and Landscaping

When you live in a desert state like Arizona, you learn pretty quickly how precious of a resource water is because of the role it plays in our day-to-day lives and how hard it is to find in our arid terrain. With Arizona’s water supply constantly in danger of drought or depletion, there has never been a better time to switch to water-conservative upgrades and fixes for your pool and landscaping. Not only will you have plenty of water for when you need it most, but you’ll be helping to preserve our natural environment as well. Best of all, your wallet will thank you for the greatly reduced cost of your water bill! Continue on below to learn more about some of the top water-saving solutions for your landscape and pool that you can start using today!

Choose Native Plants or Plants that Require Less Water

In the Southwest, you’ll find many plants that are specially adapted for surviving in our unique climate that would also make beautiful additions to any landscape. Certain species of acacia, cacti, mesquite, palo verde, bougainvillea, and more are native, drought-resistant plants that add gorgeous color and texture to your landscape without needing much water.

Upgrade Your Irrigation

Nowadays, sprinkler systems benefit from advances in technology, such as smart controllers that function similarly to a thermostat for your sprinklers, allowing you to customize your watering schedule based on weather and other conditions. Soil moisture sensors can help you keep track of the moisture in your soil and override irrigation controllers when needed. Leak prevention devices will inform you of when you have a leak or shut off water to the broken sprinkler head.

Pay Attention to Your Pool

Cover your pool to reduce water loss through evaporation. You can also request mineral and calcium removal services that will reduce the need to drain your pool for surface damage prevention.

Reuse Your Outdoor Water

The EPA estimates that as much as thirty percent of our overall water consumption comes from maintaining our outdoor features like landscapes and pools. Equipment like water capture systems and rain barrels can utilize the rainfall that you get to water your plants and more.

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Reasons to Get a Desert Landscape Instead of Grass

When most people think of landscaping, they think of green trees, bushes, shrubs, and grass most of all. But there are those who live in areas where rainfall is sparse and the weather is hot, making it a lot harder to grow greenery. Certain environments are best suited to a desert landscape, but those who dwell in these less lush areas shouldn’t feel cheated. Desert landscaping can be very appealing when done well. Here are 5 ways a desert landscape can be just as good as a green one, and in many regards, even better!

Vibrant Color Options

Instead of the typical green and blue shades that are typical with many landscaping projects and yards, bright reds and oranges add bold bursts of color to a desert landscape. The beauty of desert colors is unique and breathtaking in its own way. Colors of the sunset are included in desert flowers, various desert plants, and in shades of desert rocks.

Less Water

There are some definite financial benefits to choosing a desert landscape. Trying to maintain a luscious lawn in a less than suitable environment can be very expensive. Water is expensive when used in large quantities, so using plants that require less of it can save lots of money over time.

Less Maintenance

Just as less water is required when creating a desert landscape, less required maintenance is also a money and time saver. Landscapes made up of rocks, palm trees, and shrubs are much easier and less expensive to keep up than hiring someone to cut acres of grass each week.

Promoting a Unique Look

Green lawns are a dime a dozen, but landscaping with a textured, unique desert design that’s made up of indigenous trees and plants can be quite attractive. There’s a huge array of interesting desert plants, flowers, and trees that can create a look that’s distinct and appealing.

Less Stress

With a desert landscape, there is added stress of worrying about whether or not all your plants will thrive and grow or if your lawn is as green as the neighbor’s. Rocks, palm trees, desert flowers, cacti, and desert shrubs are by and large pretty self-sufficient elements to a desert landscape.

If you’re interested in creating your own beautiful desert landscape and want some ideas on how to do so, contact us at New Image Landscape and Pools to learn more.

Guide To Making A Great Desert Landscape

Pool with overlooking flower bed surrounded by rocks and flora by New Image, Mesa's landscaping company

Spring is the perfect time to start getting creative and innovative with your landscaping. While many people, especially newcomers to the Arizona area, think that desert landscaping is made up entirely of sand and rocks, it is far from a stark, barren look. Many desert landscapes are gorgeous areas full of vibrant plant life and more.

Look at your property as an opportunity, not a challenge. Because of our warm environment all year round, it is the perfect place to spend a lot of time outdoors. This short guide can help you get started on your way to a wonderful desert landscape.

Soil Preparation

The first step for a great landscape is soil preparation to help your plants thrive. Our desert soil is generally coarse and contains very little organic ingredients. You should do a soil test to determine the types and amounts of supplements you will need. Additionally, make sure your drainage is proper, as desert plants can experience root rot should then get too much moisture. Additionally, you want to make sure that your irrigation system is efficient. Because water is precious in the desert, using the best, most effective irrigation is important to both your plants and the environment. It is also a good idea to consider covering your planting beds with mulch, either with gravel or organic substances such as bark.

Choose Plants Native to the Desert

Growing plants that are native to our desert climate will help ensure a successful beautiful landscape. You will find that these types of plants are drought-tolerant and low maintenance. And don’t worry — there is an incredible selection of beautiful desert plants.

Choose the Best Planting Times

In Arizona, the optimal time to plant is autumn. This is because the soils will hold heat, promoting root growth, as well as temperatures that are more consistent.

Lawn Alternatives

Because of the dry environment, you may find keeping a natural lawn green a chore. You may want to consider installing a synthetic lawn. These are very pet and child friendly, and with today’s modern artificial lawns, you will find them very natural looking and low maintenance.

At New Image Landscaping, our staff is very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to desert landscaping. Please give us a call or stop by to discuss how you can get the very best looking landscape!