The Perks of Pergolas

We don’t have to tell you that the sun is bright; one step outside your door or car announces that simple fact rather loudly! In the summer, the sun provides a heat that can make outdoor life unbearable if you don’t have the proper equipment to help shield your body from the fiery orb in the sky. Umbrellas on dry days are quite common, dark sunglasses are a necessity, and a pergola in the backyard, although not required, definitely makes a sunny day something to enjoy, not to dread! The many perks of pergolas give homeowners choices they may not have in other sun blocking devices. If you’re not convinced that a pergola is the right choice for you and your Arizona backyard, it’s ok—we think this guide may just change your mind!

Size Matters

Just as people come in all shapes and sizes, yards do as well, and while a gabled pergola may work for a large yard, some yards may only have room for a basic open rafter structure. An open rafter type isn’t the best for blocking out the sun, but planting a fast growing ivy that will block the light is the perfect solution; star jasmine has a sweet fragrant scent that grows quickly and offers a little extra something to the pergola experience! Perfect for the more enclosed spaces that often count as backyards in townhomes and condos, the open rafter pergola can also be a budget saver.

Gabled pergolas, also called gazebos in other areas of the country, can also be made smaller, but work best in a decent sized yard. Designed to hold furnishings that make outdoor living comfortable, many homeowners have included a small television under the rafters and an outdoor kitchen nearby, eliminating the need to go inside ever again—especially when the yard has a pool! Obviously, we are trying to be funny, but one of our favorite perks of pergolas is how they easily allow us to bring the inside out. Blocking the sun, protecting us from the weather, and offering teens a place to hang when their noise levels rise too high, the pergola—no matter what style or size—is the perfect addition to a desert dweller’s backyard oasis.

Designed for You and Your Arizona Backyard

There are ready-built pergolas you can buy, but in our humble opinions, designing one that matches your style and needs is much more fun! Give us a call today and let New Image Landscape and Pools help make your Arizona backyard dreams come true!

Three Features Your Backyard Improvements You Could Be Missing

The real world outside the boundaries of your home and yard can be a cruel and tough one, making it that much more important that we create sanctuaries to come back to at the end of each day. Inside our homes, we create spaces that are soft, warm, and welcoming, but the peace and tranquility doesn’t have to end there. Our backyards, especially here in the Phoenix area, where we surround our landscape with cinderblock walls for privacy, can offer a sanctuary of a different type. If your “back 40” is missing these three backyard improvements, you may not be using it to its full extent!

Firepits for Winter

We desert dwellers are about to enter our favorite season. Winter is when the day temperatures stay short-sleeve cool, but the nights dip into winter coat temperatures, making a firepit the perfect backyard accessory. Keep it simple with a circle of firesafe garden blocks and lawn furniture topped with colorful and soft padding or add an elaborate sunken fire pit area complete with built-in seats and twinkle lights shining in the trees above. It’s time to discover the joys of family time spent talking, laughing, or telling stories late into the night.

Vegetable Gardens for Health

The one complaint we often have about living in the desert is the quality of the vegetables we purchase from the grocery store. Although they may be colorful and attractive to look at, they tend to taste bland and mushy, making it even more of a chore to convince our children the importance of eating their vegetables! Growing a raised bed vegetable garden in your backyard, however, can solve all of your vegetable issues, including getting your children to eat them. The joy they take in planting, caring, and then harvesting the veggies will entice them to eat them as well, making a vegetable garden a feature that will make your yard a dream come true! And because the care you take can bring a Zen garden appeal to your life, the vegetable garden can add to the peace and tranquility of your outdoor sanctuary!

Sheds for Sharing

The commonplace backyard shed has “shed” its boring tin and has become more than a place to store Christmas decorations and lawn mowers. Today’s sheds come in a variety of materials and are used in a variety of ways. Created to be she-sheds for moms who need private spaces, offices for parents to conduct business at home and be able to spend more time with the kids in the process, or extra sleeping space for all the guests who come to visit and take advantage of our incredible winter temperatures, the functionality of your shed can be customized to your needs!

So Many Ideas For Backyard Improvements

Our years of pool and landscape experience have given us so many ideas on how to make a yard an oasis, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Contact us today and let’s make your backyard the picture perfect place of your dreams.