Romantic Landscape Features to Make Your Landscaping Special

For those that read The Secret Garden as a child, the magic and mystery of that special place have probably lingered, inciting readers to attempt cultivating a secret garden in their own backyards. Even those who haven’t read the book, however, can still appreciate a landscape that is verdant and rich with the romantic touches often found in movies, books, or even in the gardens of the royals we all follow with avid curiosity. When you choose New Image Landscape and Pools for your romantic landscape needs, we can help you build an oasis of romance on your property as well, and these tips are just the beginning!

Lots and Lots of Greenery

Plants, bushes, and trees in the backyard create an escape that also works to stay cooler during the hottest days of summer. Green, lush, and romantic, enjoying a glass of iced tea in the shade of your evergreen elm with the love of your life promises to be one of many high points this summer.What’s Greenery Without the Color and Scent of Flowers? Color makes us happy, and while the green is important, the reds, purples, pinks, and yellows of summer flowers is equally important, as is the sweet scent of the aromatic blooms spicing up your night!Plant some fragrant roses under your bedroom window,and on cooler nights, sleeping with the windows open will give you sweet dreams!

Create a Path Edged in Solar Lights

Now that you have the basics completed, it’s time to work on the hardscape portion of your romantic landscaping. A brick path that disappears into your foliage, lined with beautiful solar lights, is about as romantic as you can imagine! Find a spot in the center and place a softly upholstered two-seater swing; whispered conversations under the glow of the full moon mean more in your enchanted and romantic garden hideaway!

Sounds of the Sea in your Romantic Landscaping

We live in the desert, with the nearest large body of water located a long 3.5-hour drive away—in another country! But the sounds of the sea can be mimicked easily and inexpensively with the purchase of a fountain. Available in all sizes, styles, and shapes, a fountain can be the finishing touch to your romantic backyard oasis.

Just the Beginning

These are just a few of the many ideas we have milling our brains to help create a romantic retreat. Give us a call today and let’s get started working on yours!

Decorative Accent Lighting Tips for Your Home

During the winter, the shorter days darker may make your house look drab. This is especially important to address if you are trying to sell your home, as buyers will often come by in the evenings. One way to boost your curb appeal at night is by adding decorative accent lighting. If you’re trying to sell your house, or just want it to look alive at night, a little accent lighting will really make it stand out!

Choosing the Proper Decorative Accent Lighting

One way to figure out what type of lighting you may need is to look at your home at night. Figure out which areas are the darkest and where you may want to add light. Path lighting and motion detectors are a great way to light up your yard. In addition to lighting up your home, decorative accent lighting can also highlight your landscaping. If you have a favorite element of your landscaping, think about how you can draw attention to it with some creative lighting. Some ways you could do so are by putting string lights on the branches of a tree or using spotlights to silhouette a bush or shrub.

Another easy trick to adding curb appeal to your home is to light up the walkway leading to your front door. Visitors, potential homebuyers, and even you and your family will find the walk safer and much more enjoyable if there is lighting along the path. Low voltage path lights will add a gentle glow and add to your home’s curb appeal.

You can also ask your friends where they think lighting might be helpful. You look at your yard every day, multiple times a day, so getting a fresh perspective can be very helpful in deciding which areas of your yard could use more lighting.

If your house has an outdoor seating area, make sure this area is well lit. String lights are a great way to light outdoor living areas because they are cheerful and help buyers thinks of all the fun they can have on the patio.

Highlighting the architectural features of your home can also help boost the curb appeal. Uplights are a great way to highlight your home’s best features, and you can use them to highlight features such as rocks and columns.

Let the Experts at New Image Help

If you would like help with lighting your yard and creating more curb appeal, we offer landscape services that include modeling, design, and maintenance. We have been in the landscaping business in Arizona for more than 30 years and can help you with all your landscaping needs. For more information on our services, please contact us. Be sure to check our landscaping tips too!

Top Reasons for Choosing New Image Landscape and Pools for Custom Landscaping

Your home is more than likely the biggest purchase you will ever make, and as such, every decision you make regarding the care and upkeep becomes important. No one wants to hire a company that takes their money and then provides shoddy work, but sadly, when you don’t do the proper research, this happens more than you’d care to think about. We at New Image Landscape and Pools, however, have your best interests at heart; we are passionate about our work and we aren’t satisfied until our customers are 100% in love with the landscape design we provide.

Knowledgeable and Personable Staff

If you don’t like the people who are working on your yard, chances are you won’t like the work that is done! Our staff has years of experience in the landscape design, and because we love what we do, it doesn’t just show up in the lush and beautiful landscapes we provide; it shows in our interactions with our clients!

Our Creativity Gives You More Options

In a cookie cutter world, we all yearn to stand out, and our landscape designers have learned to think outside the box, giving you more choices and options to show your flair. Our landscapes will be the envy of your neighborhood and the talk of the town!

State of the Art Technology

Even though our favorite thing to do is play in the dirt, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the importance of technology, and our use of 3D landscape models is just one way we stay ahead of the times. Blueprints can be difficult to understand and even more difficult to appreciate how wonderful your yard will look once we’ve finished our work. 3D landscape design models allow our clients to not just see how the finished product will look, but also to take a virtual tour through the design and experience the magic of your completed landscape!

Custom Landscape Desing Can Increase the Value of Your Home

People like to look at pretty things, and when done right, your custom landscape can be the impetus that potential buyers need to make them fork out the extra dollars! Even if you’re not quite ready to sell today, the lasting beauty of our designs will bring you higher prices when you are finally ready to make the big move!

Schedule an Appointment with Us Today

As you stare out the windows at a landscape that is boring and bland, doesn’t knowing that a change is just a phone call away bring a smile to your face? Give us a call and let us help you make your home the envy of your entire neighborhood!

Top Benefits of Using an Automatic Sprinkler System

If you are looking out your window right now and seeing dead grass, withered flowers, and drooping trees, chances are you have yet to discover the joys of an automatic sprinkler system! It’s ok, we understand that you may be thinking the expenses of installing such a wonder could be prohibitively expensive, but the reality is it can be more expensive not to! We at New Image Landscape and Pools have seen the repercussions that evolve from trying to save a few bucks and having to remember to keep to a hand watering schedule, and today, we are here to try and save you from them!

An Automatic Sprinkler System Eguals Time Saving

Do you really have the time to stand out there every evening or every morning with hose in hand watering the grass and flowers in your yard? We suppose you could use that time to scroll through your favorite social networking site, but mixing water and the delicate electronics of your expensive smartphone could end up costing you even more in the end. An automatic sprinkler system can eliminate long, boring hours holding a hose, allowing you to scroll comfortably and safely in the comfort of your recliner!

Brain Fog is Not a Problem!

As we age, we often start to forget little things, such as the last place you remember having your reading glasses, what you had decided to make for dinner, and whether or not you remembered to water the grass last night. With an automatic sprinkler system, once you input the initial schedule, you never have to fight the battle with brain fog again, and your yard and flowers will be the envy of your neighborhood!

Do You Know the Optimum Times for Watering Your Grass Versus Watering Your Flowers?

We do, and when we install your automatic sprinkler system, we can guide you through the intricacies and sciences of correct watering schedules. You could research them yourselves, we suppose, but why would you want to? We’ve done the research for you, and quite frankly, the science part of it can be a bit difficult to stay awake through!

Saves Money and Precious Resources

Water is a precious resource in the desert, and if you are hand watering or have one of those sprinklers attached to a hose that you have to remember to move around, you may be watering too much, wasting time, money, and water. Automatic sprinkler systems take the guesswork out of irrigation, allowing you to have the yard and gardens you have always deserved.

What to Do with All That Extra Time on Your Hands?

Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to continue discussing the benefits of installing an automatic sprinkler system in your own yard. We can’t help you decide how to spend the extra time you’ll have afterwards, but we can show you how to use the rain delay features to save even more money on those rare rainy days!

5 Pool Maintenance Tips

As summer draws near, its time to stop looking at the water-filled hole in the ground as a constant reminder of all the things you need to do and start looking at it as the summer oasis you’ve always intended. We tend to get a little lazy about pool maintenance during the winter months because we don’t put the time IN the pool. As long as it isn’t green and too debris-filled, many feel they’ve done what needs to be done and can slack off until warmer days. Well, warmer days are here; isn’t it time you got serious again about your pool maintenance? Here’s a list of the top five pool maintenance tips that will help your pool get back to sparkling in no time!

Net, Pole, and a Brush

It’s time to start with the basics. Every pool owner should have these three tools in their pool tool arsenal, and while there’s nothing overly exciting about skimming and sweeping down the sides of your pool every day, there’s a lot of zen to be found in the simple motions required.

Proper Chemicals

The proper balance of chemicals is crucial to the continued good health of your pool equipment. Test kits can be bought at any pool or home improvement stores, or you can hire a pool service like New Image Landscape and Pools to do the hard work while you sit back and reap the benefits!

Equipment Maintenance

Keeping your pool equipment in good shape is equally important. No matter how diligent you are about skimming, brushing, and keeping the chemicals balanced, if you don’t keep your equipment in good repair, all your efforts won’t help a bit. Adding a backwash hose to your pool tools will help extend the life of your pool; when the pressure goes up, backwashing the pool water helps bring it back down.

Keep Dogs Out of Pools

A dog can be as dirty as one hundred people jumping in your pool at once; can you imagine what that might do to your filtration system?

Maintaining Greenery Around Pools

Another important tip to maintaining a clean and clear pool is in maintaining the landscaping that surrounds it. Do not plant deciduous trees, or ANY trees, for that matter, any closer than eight feet away from the pool; the leaves they shed can clog your pool equipment, and the root systems from the trees can break pipes and lift decking, causing thousands of dollars in repairs.

Pool Ownership Can Be Rewarding

But pool maintenance can also be a lot of very hard work. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to see what we can do to put the fun back in your pool parties and take the burdens away!

Top Five Tips for Irrigating a Large Lawn in Arizona

You’ve got the property, you’ve got the house, and you’ve got the lawn—a big, beautiful, lush green lawn. You’ve also got the desert environment of Arizona, but you’re determined to keep your perfect lawn from succumbing to the arid Southwestern climate, even in the face of blistering heat and periodic water usage restrictions. There are a whole host of things you can do to minimize water usage, yet still keep your lawn healthy and happy, too many to list here; however, here’s the top five lawn maintenance tricks you can do to maintain a thriving lawn even under the most adverse of conditions.


Instead of watering your lawn daily, water every two to three days. In the evening is the best time to water, as the heat of the day will cause evaporation and the water doesn’t have a chance to get to the roots. Be sure that your sprinklers are watering only the grass, not the driveway or walkways. If you haven’t already, replace your sprinkler heads with water-economical sprinkler heads, and if you have a broken one, replace it immediately. Putting a timer on your irrigation system ensures that your lawn will receive the right amount of water at the right times. Low areas with puddles should be leveled to ensure even water distribution.


Creating shaded or semi-shaded areas will minimize water usage. It is advisable to put multiple timers on different segments of your irrigation system, allowing full control of watering time and frequency in different areas; shaded areas do not need as much water as full sun areas.


When mowing, leave the grass clippings on your lawn rather than using a grass catcher. The clippings will mulch into the lawn and create a protective moisture-holding layer. As they decay, they also provide nutrients to the roots, so your lawn will require less fertilizer over time. Don’t cut your lawn super-short, as the soil will dry out quicker. Adjust your mower height to its highest or close to it. Taller grass blades help mitigate rapid evaporation.


Even if you had put down an ample layer of topsoil when you originally seeded your lawn, over time the organic matter deteriorates, becomes devoid of essential nutrients, and loses its water retention capacities. Annually topping your lawn with a layer of sphagnum peat moss will restore the moisture-holding top layer, and as it gradually composts into the soil it will nourish the roots and improve soil structure. Top dress your lawn with a 1/4- to 1/2-inch layer of peat moss and rake it in.


Using an aerating tool on your lawn allows the roots access to oxygen that is necessary for healthy root growth. Aerating also improves water and fertilizer retention capacity, and alleviates soil compaction, making for deeper root growth and a healthy, vigorous lawn that requires less watering.

5 Reasons to Get a Putting Green for Your Landscape

At New Image Landscape and Pools, we specialize in bringing your backyard dreams to life! With us, your dream backyard is no longer just a dream, we can make it into a reality. For those that already have beautiful landscaping and a pool in their yard, it may be hard to imagine that your yard could be any more fun, but adding a putting green to your yard is a fun option! There are many reasons why even the casual golfer will love adding a putting green to their landscape.

Improve Your Putting Game

A good putting game can make or break a close round of golf and take your golf game to the next level. However, not everyone has the time to hit the greens every day or wants to deal with the crowds at the practice course on the weekends. Having your own personal putting green in your backyard is the perfect solution! Practice putting as often as you would like in the privacy of your own home and see your putting improve in no time! Since your green is custom to suit your needs, you can set it up to practice any shot you will encounter on the course!

Fun for the Kids

For those with kids, a putting green is a fun twist on a typical backyard! Keep the little ones entertained with an activity that is both fun and safe. Spend quality time by teaching your kids the fundamentals of golf, or let them play on their own. Either way, they are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Perfect for Parties

If you enjoy entertaining, a putting green in your backyard is the perfect centerpiece to any backyard get-together. Children and adults alike will enjoy having an activity during the party and adds a fun sense of healthy competition between friends. Best of all, a putting green can be used all year round, in cold or hot weather, making it a great addition to your backyard.

Increase Your Home’s Value

With any custom yard, it’s the little details that will set it apart from the rest. A putting green is a unique addition that isn’t found in many homes, and adding one to your existing landscape will certainly increase your home’s value! It will be a great talking point for potential buyers and may be the deciding factor for the sale of your home.

Complete Your Dream Backyard

For many, having a private putting green is a dream, so why not make that dream come true? When considering custom landscaping, and a putting green to take your backyard to the next level. Create a backyard that you will love for years to come!

5 Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for a 4th of July Party

As the 4th of July is right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how you will celebrate this year’s festivities. Surely, in the past, you have taken part in celebrations that did not quite pan out the way you had envisioned. Well, that is a thing of the past when you host the festivities yourself by the pool in your backyard. But the surest way to put a damper on the celebration is by having a pool that is not ready to host people. If your pool isn’t quite ready for the spotlight, here are a few ways you can give your pool that extra pizazz that you have been looking for.

Add Simple Additional Features

I know what you are thinking: “I do not have the time or the money to make any fancy renovations before July 4th!” But that’s not true at all. There are plenty of ways to create a whole new ambiance without breaking the bank or wasting time. A fountain is the perfect way to add a great aesthetic and energy in the pool. Rock and water features surrounding the pool also go a long way in creating a relaxing and fun environment.

Keep the Pool Clean

As it is the summer in the valley, we all know that pool maintenance becomes a bit more involved. Hot temperatures and increased sunlight create an environment where algae and debris will thrive if not kept in check. You need to ensure that you are consistently removing debris from the pool and semi-consistently scrubbing the sides. Running the pool pump consistently and maintaining healthy chlorine levels are also important.

A Built-In Grill?

Nothing says 4th of July like a beautiful poolside grill, especially when it flows seamlessly with your pool and landscape. Your party will surely be the talk of your friend with this new addition.

Add Some Cool Lighting!

Adding some stylish lighting is a simple addition to a pool that can go a long way. This is especially important if you foresee the party continuing into the night for the fireworks!

Resurface the Pool Before Your 4th of July Party

This is a very simple change that almost makes it seem as if you have an entirely new pool. There are countless varieties of pool surfaces, so there is something perfect for every landscape.

There are countless ways to ensure a great 4th of July pool party. Since the party will revolve around the pool, improving that aspect of your landscape is the surest way to celebrate properly!

The Best Water-Saving Solutions that You Can Use in Your Pool and Landscaping

When you live in a desert state like Arizona, you learn pretty quickly how precious of a resource water is because of the role it plays in our day-to-day lives and how hard it is to find in our arid terrain. With Arizona’s water supply constantly in danger of drought or depletion, there has never been a better time to switch to water-conservative upgrades and fixes for your pool and landscaping. Not only will you have plenty of water for when you need it most, but you’ll be helping to preserve our natural environment as well. Best of all, your wallet will thank you for the greatly reduced cost of your water bill! Continue on below to learn more about some of the top water-saving solutions for your landscape and pool that you can start using today!

Choose Native Plants or Plants that Require Less Water

In the Southwest, you’ll find many plants that are specially adapted for surviving in our unique climate that would also make beautiful additions to any landscape. Certain species of acacia, cacti, mesquite, palo verde, bougainvillea, and more are native, drought-resistant plants that add gorgeous color and texture to your landscape without needing much water.

Upgrade Your Irrigation

Nowadays, sprinkler systems benefit from advances in technology, such as smart controllers that function similarly to a thermostat for your sprinklers, allowing you to customize your watering schedule based on weather and other conditions. Soil moisture sensors can help you keep track of the moisture in your soil and override irrigation controllers when needed. Leak prevention devices will inform you of when you have a leak or shut off water to the broken sprinkler head.

Pay Attention to Your Pool

Cover your pool to reduce water loss through evaporation. You can also request mineral and calcium removal services that will reduce the need to drain your pool for surface damage prevention.

Reuse Your Outdoor Water

The EPA estimates that as much as thirty percent of our overall water consumption comes from maintaining our outdoor features like landscapes and pools. Equipment like water capture systems and rain barrels can utilize the rainfall that you get to water your plants and more.

New Image Landscape and Pools – Your Experts in Outdoor Homecare

Make an investment in your property by trusting the professionals at New Image Landscape and Pools! Contact our office today to find out more information about water-saving fixes for your landscape and pool, as well as the services that we can provide for your outdoor repairs and renovations.

Upgrade Your Home and Your Lifestyle with a Complete Backyard Renovation Package! 

When you step out into your backyard, does it feel like your own private oasis, inspiring you to relax or pass the time doing something fun outdoors? If your backyard has been feeling a little lackluster lately, it may be time to make an update to your landscaping!

Fortunately, New Image Landscape and Pools offers a complete backyard renovation package that includes both landscaping and a new pool, paired together to save you money. Read on to learn more about our amazing “Silver” Pool Package!

What the “Silver” Pool Package Includes

A dual-part package, the “Silver” Pool Package gives homeowners both a brand new, custom-built pool and elegant, contemporary landscaping to match. By choosing to purchase the “Silver” Pool Package, you can save up to $3,500 on what would normally be an extremely expensive project.

The swimming pool that you can order as a part of this package includes customizable depths, an internal area of 720 sq ft, a 3-M quartz or ultra-poz interior finish, and other handy and essential items from top-of-the-line pool care equipment providers. Your new pool will even come with a pool cleaner vacuum and two sleeves for setting up a volleyball net! Further details on the items included in the “Silver” package are listed below:

  • All base plumbing (a 15ft run from PE to the water)
  • 80ft of standard (Group A) waterline tile
  • A standard mechanical time clock (with up to 50ft of electrical)
  • Normal 10ft access for excavation
  • A 400w pool light (with up to 20 feet of brass)
  • A 3000psi shotcrete with fibermesh and a lifetime warranty on the shell
  • An automatic water leveler with a 40ft run
  • A 320 sq ft Pentair cart filter
  • A variable speed Pentair pool pump
  • 240 sq ft of acrylic lace deck with 80 lf of cantilever

Not only do you receive all of these upgrades with your pool, but you also receive a complimentary overhaul of your backyard landscaping, complete with drip irrigation setup and landscaping rock and boulders! Your landscaping will include options for:

  • Extending your existing drip system with up to 150 lf of drip tubing to the backyard
  • 15 tons of 3/4in Madison Gold or an equivalent landscaping rock
  • 5 landscaping boulders weighing 250lbs to 300 lbs each
  • 2 24in box trees with irrigation
  • 2 15gal plants or trees with irrigation
  • 15 5gal plants with drip irrigation
  • 10 1gal plants with drip irrigation

For the low, competitive price of only $26,995, you can reinvent your backyard into your own beautiful private hideaway that is perfect for both recreation and relaxation. You won’t want to pass up on this deal, as all New Image Landscape and Pools packages are limited-time offers and are subject to availability.

New Image Landscape and Pools – The Landscaping Experts You Can Trust

Contact our office today to learn more about our “Silver” Pool Package and other services that we provide to our customers around the Valley. Begin your journey to a better backyard with New Image Landscape and Pools today!