Keeping a Healthy Lawn Through the Winter

Desert life is unique on many levels, enduring scorching hot summers, raging haboobs, and temperature drops of 30 degrees or more from day to night. We’re a hardy bunch, and the landscape that surrounds our houses has to be as well, including the green lawns that many of us enjoy year-round. There are two trains of thought about grass in the winter, however; some like that lush green to last year-round and resort to winter rye when the blessed relief of winter arrives, while others prefer to let their lawns go dormant, enjoying a break from chores. In any case, keeping your lawn healthy through the Arizona winter is important, and this guide will ensure your lawn thrives through the beginning of this new decade!

Rye Grass

Keeping this emerald green grass healthy is easy; simply water every three to seven days (less if the winter has been a wet one, more if it has been dry). Fertilize once at the beginning and again when it’s time for your spring lawn to leave dormancy. There’s no extra work involved!

Your Dormant Bermuda

We have a tendency to forget about the grass if we aren’t out there tending to it on a daily basis, and for grass that has gone dormant in the winter, that can potentially be a bad thing. Keeping the weeds away, watching for fungus in the rainier times, and fertilizing at least once during the off season will breed a lawn that is ripe and lush when the warmer days arrive. (And you know they will be here sooner than you are ready for; we live in the desert after all!)

As spring approaches, it is the perfect time to aerate your lawn. The hard, compact soil needs to be “opened up.” This is easily done with the use of an aerating tool, an old-fashioned pitchfork and some elbow grease, or by the landscapers you have hired because you know you don’t see yourself out there putting holes in your ground!

New Image Landscape and Pools Can Help Your Arizona Winter

Let’s be honest, very few people enjoy working on their lawns, and winter is the one time of year we all enjoy taking a break. Give us a call today and let us help you keep your lawn healthy every season of the year, but especially during an Arizona winter!

Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Every year when the mercury rises, you feel the call: burgers sizzling on the grill, the sound of kids playing in the pool, the cracking of another cold one being opened up. You just need to get outside and enjoy yourself! But if there’s one thing that can ruin your outdoor events (even more than overcooked burgers), it’s a backyard full of dead, brown, unsightly patches of grass covering your backyard! A healthy lawn will help turn your backyard into a party paradise in the summer months. Here are a couple of healthy lawn tips to help make sure your lawn is looking as green as it can be, no matter how hot it gets.

Feed Regularly

Just like any plant, grass has to eat! It’s simply not enough to place lawn feed down when you first plant your grass and expect it to stay healthy for very long. Within a few weeks of your first feeding, the microbes in the soil have more than likely processed and absorbed all of the nutrients they can, and so you need to make sure you feed it again so that grass can keep growing!

Make Sure to Water, But Not Too Much!

One of the biggest myths that many people have when taking care of their lawns is that they have to water it every single day or it’ll die; this is not the case at all! A good summer lawn care tip is this: If you frequently water your grass with only small amounts at a time, you’re actually encouraging your grass to grow short roots, which during droughts, can cause them to stress out and die. Instead, opt for more infrequent waterings that are deeper (an inch of water a week for example), and you’ll notice a big difference in no time.

Don’t Cut It Too Short

Staying on the topic of root lengths in our list of summer lawn care tip , you really want your grass roots to grow as long as possible, so they are healthier and get more nutrients. Besides watering, one of the ways that you can encourage this is to mow your grass high. Longer grass equals longer roots, and longer roots can reach deeper into the earth to find moisture on even the most scorching days. It’s a small adjustment that can pay huge dividends!

These are just a few of the top healthy lawn tips that you can use to ensure that your lawn is as healthy as possible. Remember: don’t ruin a great outdoor party by having an unsightly lawn. Take care of your lawn, and it’ll take care of you!