Fountains and Waterfalls for Your Pool

The average pool has come a long way since it’s invention all the way back in 2600 B.C.E. and even further since they became popular with homeowners in the mid-19th century. From its basic rectangular shape to the equipment and add-ons which increase the fun levels, today’s pools are a one stop shop for entertainment, and adding fountains and waterfalls to the pool will heighten its star power! We at New Image Landscape and Pools love the summer, no matter how hot it gets, because we love our pools and we love creating a watery oasis for our clients. This guide to fountains and waterfalls for your pool will help you add a little extra sparkle to the most important element in your backyard!

Fountains of Fun

The huge variety of fountains available for your pool may make the decision of which one to choose a little difficult, but we urge you to stick with your decision; a fountain is definitely worth it in the long run! Offering both form and function, these stylish additions to your pool can be as large or as small and as intricate or simple as you desire. Choose a simple stream of water splashing into the side of your pool or a bubbling fountain in the center and remember, keeping the water moving in your pool also works to keep the waters cooler in the hottest days of summer! For more dramatic changes, pool fountains can take the shape of lions “spitting” streams of water into the pool or for a more breathtaking look, mix fire and water in a huge copper bowl and be prepared to stun the neighbors with the dramatic beauty of your pool at night! Your pool parties will be the talk of the town as fire and water (and multicolored LED lights, if you want to go all out!) light up your backyard, creating a magical ambience that will be the envy of all. Build a seating area surrounding a fiery fountain and enjoy summer beverages and simple conversations with friends and family, doing your best to keep cool as the mercury rises to scorching levels. Some of these ideas may be best for new pools, but the simpler options can be added at any time and if small enough, your existing pool pump could be all that is needed to operate them. In the cases of more elaborate fountains, separate equipment should be used, including the pump, valving, and plumbing for full effect.

Waterfalls of Wonder

If you have ever witnessed the majestic beauty of a natural waterfall in real life, you already know the sense of peace and tranquility it can give a person and while a waterfall for a pool won’t be equally impressive, it still imparts the same emotions as it also helps keep the waters cooler. And as technology grows smarter, the size and intricacy of available waterfalls grows as well; as with a fountain, narrowing down your choices can be the most difficult part of your decision to add a waterfall. Simple scuppers allow water to cascade into the pools and can be all you want, especially if your pool is of more diminutive proportions, costing less than a full blown waterfall built to resemble one you will find in nature. Sitting on the patio at night, listening to the water as it streams out of the scupper can be the most relaxing part of your day.

For those with larger pools, however, a waterfall built of stones (fake or real) can add a dramatic charm that will impress visitors and increase your peaceful tranquility. Swim behind the waterfall on the hottest day of the year and feel the immediate change in temperature; some waterfalls are built with large shelves behind them, allowing swimmers to sit and enjoy the loveliness of a perfect summer day in the valley. Some waterfalls offer built-in slides, others include grottos that can provide cover for a swim up bar and still others can tower high, providing additional shade for cooling purposes.

Be Creative with Fountains and Waterfalls

It turns out that after centuries of following the same simple pool design, the pool industry is actually quite creative and the only limit to what you can do with your pool is your own imagination (and your budget, of course!). You work hard and deserve to play equally hard, so what are you waiting for? New Image Landscape and Pools wants to help you create an oasis of calm, peace, and beauty in your backyard! And although summer has already started our Arizona summers last twice as long as everywhere else, so if you start soon it’s possible you can be enjoying the fruits of our labors before summer ends! Give us a call today!

3 New Arizona Pool Design Ideas to Make Your Backyard Stand Out

Remember the days when very few people had pools in their backyard, and those that did had to stick to two basic designs? With very few exceptions (Liberace’s piano shaped pool, for one!), the standard homeowner’s pool was built in the shape of a rectangle or a kidney. It made the design process a lot easier to complete but said nothing about the owner’s personality!

Today, however, the only limits to your pool design is your imagination—and your budget, of course! To get you started on the path to innovation, we’ve created this guide to three new Arizona pool design ideas that will make your backyard stand out.

Recessed Lounge Area

Your pool is guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood when you include a recessed lounge area that is perfect for socializing, tanning, and staying dry on those days you don’t want to worry about your hair! Built-in concrete seating, cushions, and a built-in table can be the focus of your backyard oasis; just add friends and alcohol (no glass!) and you have the ingredients for a perfect pool party.

Zero-Edge Pools

This breathtaking Arizona pool design idea(also called the infinity edge)has become popular in yards with a view,and your home in the foothills is perfect for the zero-edge look. Seemingly going on forever,as you sit in a lounge chair at the other end of your pool, your view of the valley will be enhanced by the crystal-clearwaters of your new pool. Add a firepit in the center or along the edges and your neighbors will be green with envy!

Create an Oasis

When you really want to impress, your cool new pool offers many opportunities to enhance its natural beauty. From cascading waterfalls to hot tubs to lazy rivers,your backyard will stand out against the sea of ordinary! Add a koi pond and a bridge that crosses the pond for maximum wow factor.Your backyard oasis is the one place in your life that will never let you down.

New Image Landscape and Pools for Great Arizona Pool Design Ideas

Going above and beyond the norm can be a scary experience, especially if you don’t have the knowledge to determine if what you are dreaming about can be done! When it’s time to stop dreaming and start constructing, give New Image Landscape and Pools a call. We have the knowledge and experience to give you the backyard of your dreams!

What is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool is difficult to describe, but words chosen to describe it normally include “breathtaking,” “amazing,” and “spectacular.” This special design makes it look like your pool extends forever, or gives the impression that it blends seamlessly into the landscape or goes over a sheer cliff—it’s like the far edge of your pool is its own horizon. It’s an eye-catching design that really makes an impression!

So, how does it work? One edge of a pool has its wall slightly below the water level—the water overflows into a water-catching basin, whose pump pushes it back to the main pool. Viewers cannot see the edge of the pool, and so the water, impossibly enough, seems to be its own edge. It’s an optical illusion that makes your pool look fantastic, while also really drawing the eye to the fabulous scenery beyond.

Is an Infinity Pool Right for Me?

The infinity pool really shines when used to supplement an already gorgeous view. The vanishing edge at the end of the pool needs to be positioned so that it can’t be seen from the best spot to enjoy these views. This is easiest to do when there’s already a gentle slope to work with. So, consider whether or not your yard already has the scenery to flaunt—infinity pools work best with large expanses of scenery, and whether that’s the edge of a forest, a rooftop deck, or decorative gravel, that scenery will really pop with this pool around.

Alternatively, you can have the vanishing edge facing the typical viewer, creating a waterfall effect for the pool. The vanishing edge effect will still be neat to those going for a dip!

Why Us?

Keep in mind, the extra labor and parts and which go into an infinity pool make it a huge investment. With such a large project, taking a chance on a bargain builder is simply too much of a risk. Instead, rely on a proven company such as New Image Landscape and Pools.

Check out our testimonials and you’ll find that not only are we skilled and experienced, but we offer the best service out there. We’ll take care of everything, and keep you updated every step of the way. We’ll not only make the finished project look amazing, but make you thrilled you chose us even while it’s underway. Call us at 480-654-4422 and find out what we can do for your yard or pool—we’ll even give you a free quote!