Beat the Summer Heat with These Yard Features

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if you haven’t stepped outside lately, you may not have realized that summer has arrived in full force! Temperatures are expected to rise up to 116 degrees, and if that isn’t bad enough, the monsoon has been taking a peek at the desert landscape, wondering if now is the time it should make its appearance! Fortunately, this is not our first Arizona summer at New Image Landscape and Pools, and we’ve learned a few things on how to stay cool over the last few years, even if we are outside hanging out under the desert sun! And because we don’t hoard our secrets like misers do their gold, here is our guide to how you can beat the summer heat with these yard features, you will thrive in your own backyard, no matter how high the mercury rises.

Sometimes Simple is Best

The sun is a merciless opponent for the balance of the summer season, but sometimes, the simplest solutions will be all you need to feel cool. Misting systems are one of our favorite ways to beat the heat and can range in price from less than $500 to just over $2000. Sending a fine mist of water into the air that chills the space around you, they work best when the dew point is lower; once monsoon hits, you may have to turn to other methods.

Throw Some Shade on It

Have you ever noticed how everyone always gravitates to the shady part of your yard, even on warm days? From caveman days to the high-tech world, we instinctively understand that less light causes less heat, and you can add shade to your yard in a variety of ways! And because you don’t always want to wait a few years for the saplings you planted to mature and shade the yard, you can start with something as small as an umbrella for your patio table. Sun sails that tie on to available corners are another popular option, much loved due to their low cost, but when you really want to do it right, building a shade structure may be what works best! Gazebos, pagodas, even pergolas are all examples of how to keep cool while maintaining the beauty of your yard, and your neighbors are bound to be jealous!

Splash Pads to the Rescue

We know that water cools, but families with young children are often hesitant to add a potentially dangerous pool to their yard; the cost can also be prohibitive. The good news is that the splash pads your children play in at the park have now gone residential, allowing you to bring water fun into your lives without having to break the bank! In addition, many of your favorite discount stores offer portable versions cost that very little and will be fine in a pinch, but the temporary nature of these items will have you purchasing them again and again. Permanent versions start at approximately $2000 and increase in price from there, depending on the complexity and size of the one you build. In any case, because there is little to no standing water (you may end up with puddles in the grass beyond the splash pad), parents won’t have to worry about a tragic accident occurring!

Pool Parties Are the Reason for This Season

Of course, nothing cools off your core body temperature than doing a cannonball into the deep end of your private pool! Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, these bodies of water are the best part of summer as you swim at all hours of the day and night and throw pool parties with the neighbors! Turning your yard into the one where all the kids want to be, you will become the family hero when you choose to make the decision to dig!

An Oasis of Chill with Our Yard Features

Finally, for those who believe you have to go big or go home, you can turn your entire yard into an oasis of chill by combining ALL the items listed! Plant trees with shallow roots, build a gazebo with a built-in misting system, combine a splash pad and pool, and feel the goosebumps rise on your skin during the hottest days of the years! If this sounds like a lot more effort than you are willing to put forth, never fear! These moments are what we at New Image Landscape and Pools live for. Give us a call today and we will set up a time to determine what items your yard simply can’t live without. The only limits are the boundaries of your imagination!

How to Make Your Pool High-Tech!

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It can make our chores easier and allow us to spend more time enjoying our technology-driven playthings and less time maintaining them. Take your average backyard pool, for example. In the old days, we were lucky to have a kidney shaped pool with a single light and a single-phase pump circulating the pool, with no more than a 1.0 or 1.5 horsepower motor. Today’s technology, however, offers bells and whistles you never dreamed of, with most actions being controlled by a single app on your phone, computer, or tablet. Lower energy bills, colorful lights, and pools that clean themselves can be yours when you turn your pool into a smart pool with technology and automation.

Integrated into Your Smart Home System

A smart home plus a smart pool equals one very happy homeowner, and most automation systems will integrate with your smart home systems. The automation total control system will replace your traditional subpanel breaker box, with all the leading manufacturers making smart systems to automate their own equipment. Start with a variable speed pump, the latest and greatest ways to circulate, filter, and clean your pool while using less energy, thereby costing less money. These money savers are required by law in most states, including Arizona, California, and Nevada, and can be controlled by the smart app on your phone.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

The standard pool cleaners are water powered gadgets that randomly run around the pool only when the pump is circulating, but a robotic cleaner runs independent from the pool equipment, plugs into an outlet, maps out your pool, and never covers the same spot twice. They also do a better job at climbing and scrubbing the walls; the only downside is they won’t connect to your smart pool app. Some cleaners do have their own separate app, however, and can cost you anywhere from $800 to $1800 depending on the sophistication of the unit.

LED Lighting & Water Features

Advances in pool technology have also improved the lighting and water feature areas of your pool. LED lighting connects to your pool app and offers a variety of colors and modes that can be set to go on and off with timers controlled by your app. Smaller accent lights can be used in shallower and darker areas of your pool, thus illuminating them better for nighttime swimming. Finally, LED sheer descents provide a glasslike waterfall effect, and LED-lighted jets offer a pool lighting show that will amaze and awe your family and friends!

Let New Image Landscape and Pools Help You Make Your Pool Life Easier

Give us a call and let’s start a conversation about how smart technology can change your life!

5 Reasons You Need A New Pool In AZ

It’s no secret that the Arizona summers can be a little too hot to handle sometimes, often reaching temperatures over 100 degrees, which means that outside activities are often kept to a minimum. Other than the obvious reason to have a pool in Arizona, there are many other ways that a new pool can benefit you. Here are five reasons, as recommended by New Image Landscape and Pools, for getting a new pool.

Arizona summers are HOT!

This is, of course, the most common and obvious reason to have a pool in Arizona. Reaching high temperatures well above 100 degrees throughout the summer months, many consider it a MUST HAVE in any home. It had been surveyed, and nearly one-third of all homeowners in the Phoenix-Metro area (including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert) own a pool. So, it may be time to build your new backyard oasis and keep cool this summer.

Increase home value

Professionals in the real estate industry have always argued whether adding a pool will increase the value of your home or be seen as more of a liability. Lucky for Arizona home-owners, having a pool is practically seen as a necessity and can increase your home’s value by nearly 8 percent.

Encourage family time

Summertime also means summer break for kids and what better way to spend time with your family than having pool party? This will encourage your brood to hang out at home where you can know their whereabouts and, if you’re practicing proper pool safety, rest assured that they are in a safe environment as they enjoy their break from school.


Forget about spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on the latest home gym equipment that you will only use for a few months. Aquatic exercise and fitness is just as effective and can double as a form of massage therapy for achy bones and muscles. By having your own pool at home, you don’t necessarily have to purchase any additional equipment or expensive gym memberships. The best part, is that you get to work out in the privacy of your own home – the true judgment free zone.

Saves you from the having to go to public pools

Let’s face it, just the thought of going to a public pool gives you an uneasy feeling, but it’s just so dang hot outside and you’re just dying to cool off. By having your own pool, you don’t have to worry about over-crowded public pools and all of the germs that come along with it. You can find comfort in knowing exactly how clean your pool is because you have complete control over it.

If you are considering adding a new pool to your home, hopefully, these five reasons will help make your decision a little bit easier. Start building your new pool today, because there is never any room for the summertime blues in sunny Arizona!

Arizona Foothills’ Best Pool Company of the Valley

It is with great honor that we announce our recognition with Arizona Foothills as the Best Pool Company of the Valley for 2016. We would not have been able to achieve such a status without all of the wonderful customers we have had throughout the last 35 years who have worked with us to provide the best Arizona pools and landscapes possible. We openly encourage and appreciate all feedback, and believe this dedication has been key to our success in the Arizona landscaping market. It is for this reason we do everything in our power to provide all subsections of the Greater Phoenix area with the most attentive pool and landscape care.

Whether you think your Mesa landscape could use a tune up, or need a quality Gilbert pool service for some remodeling work, New Image’s Arizona pools and landscape is there for you every step up of the way. We’ve built brand new Chandler pools and performed landscaping maintenance all over the Phoenix area. With our staff’s dedication and experience, there’s nothing we can’t do for you.

If you’re new to New Image, there are a couple things you should know about us. First, our customers are our bread and butter; we’ll do anything to see those beautiful smiles at the end of the job. To us, that’s the real reward. Secondly, our highly skilled professionals are not only warm and friendly, but attentive as well. We strongly value customer service, both during the process and upon culmination as well. Lastly, we want you to get the pool you deserve, without paying the price. At New Image we offer a variety of pool and landscaping packages that all our customers can benefit from. If you still think that dream pool is out of reach, we offer a plethora of financing options to help you plan your way to victory. Call or browse our site today, we’re always here to help! It’s what we love to do!