Beat the Summer Heat with These Yard Features

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if you haven’t stepped outside lately, you may not have realized that summer has arrived in full force! Temperatures are expected to rise up to 116 degrees, and if that isn’t bad enough, the monsoon has been taking a peek at the desert landscape, wondering if now is the time it should make its appearance! Fortunately, this is not our first Arizona summer at New Image Landscape and Pools, and we’ve learned a few things on how to stay cool over the last few years, even if we are outside hanging out under the desert sun! And because we don’t hoard our secrets like misers do their gold, here is our guide to how you can beat the summer heat with these yard features, you will thrive in your own backyard, no matter how high the mercury rises.

Sometimes Simple is Best

The sun is a merciless opponent for the balance of the summer season, but sometimes, the simplest solutions will be all you need to feel cool. Misting systems are one of our favorite ways to beat the heat and can range in price from less than $500 to just over $2000. Sending a fine mist of water into the air that chills the space around you, they work best when the dew point is lower; once monsoon hits, you may have to turn to other methods.

Throw Some Shade on It

Have you ever noticed how everyone always gravitates to the shady part of your yard, even on warm days? From caveman days to the high-tech world, we instinctively understand that less light causes less heat, and you can add shade to your yard in a variety of ways! And because you don’t always want to wait a few years for the saplings you planted to mature and shade the yard, you can start with something as small as an umbrella for your patio table. Sun sails that tie on to available corners are another popular option, much loved due to their low cost, but when you really want to do it right, building a shade structure may be what works best! Gazebos, pagodas, even pergolas are all examples of how to keep cool while maintaining the beauty of your yard, and your neighbors are bound to be jealous!

Splash Pads to the Rescue

We know that water cools, but families with young children are often hesitant to add a potentially dangerous pool to their yard; the cost can also be prohibitive. The good news is that the splash pads your children play in at the park have now gone residential, allowing you to bring water fun into your lives without having to break the bank! In addition, many of your favorite discount stores offer portable versions cost that very little and will be fine in a pinch, but the temporary nature of these items will have you purchasing them again and again. Permanent versions start at approximately $2000 and increase in price from there, depending on the complexity and size of the one you build. In any case, because there is little to no standing water (you may end up with puddles in the grass beyond the splash pad), parents won’t have to worry about a tragic accident occurring!

Pool Parties Are the Reason for This Season

Of course, nothing cools off your core body temperature than doing a cannonball into the deep end of your private pool! Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, these bodies of water are the best part of summer as you swim at all hours of the day and night and throw pool parties with the neighbors! Turning your yard into the one where all the kids want to be, you will become the family hero when you choose to make the decision to dig!

An Oasis of Chill with Our Yard Features

Finally, for those who believe you have to go big or go home, you can turn your entire yard into an oasis of chill by combining ALL the items listed! Plant trees with shallow roots, build a gazebo with a built-in misting system, combine a splash pad and pool, and feel the goosebumps rise on your skin during the hottest days of the years! If this sounds like a lot more effort than you are willing to put forth, never fear! These moments are what we at New Image Landscape and Pools live for. Give us a call today and we will set up a time to determine what items your yard simply can’t live without. The only limits are the boundaries of your imagination!

Your Guide to a Spectacular Splash Pad

You don’t need to look at your calendar to determine that yes, summer has arrived in the desert and boy is it HOT! It doesn’t matter if it’s a dry heat either, no matter what they say, because once the mercury rises over the 100 degree mark, there is no getting comfortable without a sturdy air conditioning unit or some kind of water play in your backyard, but are you really ready for the commitment of a pool? Your children are young, your yard is too small, and maybe you just aren’t ready for the financial impact on your bank account that building a pool may cause. We get it, a pool isn’t the right answer for everyone, but there’s still that sticky issue of the heat that could be forcing you to stay inside for the next four or five months, unless you consider constructing a spectacular splash pad for your private oasis at home! Once relegated to shopping centers and parks, today’s splash pads can be as small and simple as you want or as large and elaborate as you wish and are specifically designed with the needs of a residential property in mind. This guide will help you find the splash pad that will change your life for the better.

Keep it Simple

Arizona may have miles of mountain and desert landscapes, but what we don’t have is acres of yard space. Many homes are built on what are called keyhole lots in a move that allows builders to build a lot of homes on tiny plots of land. If your backyard is practically non-existent, you’ll want to start looking at the smaller, simpler splash pad kits, consisting of a few nozzles and a drain. These smaller pads are a more elegant option than a sprinkler and hose and can be far cheaper than the larger, more elaborate kits!

Safety Matters

Of course, if you have a little more room and a little larger budget, you can move up to the next size and include a safety surface that helps prevent the nasty scrapes and bumps that can accompany a concrete version of a splash pad. Coming in a variety of colors, it is designed to keep your child from skidding on the slippery base and can add a cheerful look to your backyard—especially if you choose the more popular blues and greens for the color! For more elaborate setups, fun designs can be added to the surface, and for the hot desert days, it is recommended homeowners stick with a lighter color to avoid burning sensitive feet.

Add a Little Shade and More Nozzles

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to venture into the creative by adding structures to your splash pad. A tall “tree,” a giant mushroom, or maybe just a sunshade strung from colorful poles built into the sides of your pad can turn a day of fun in the sun into a shady adventure! The trees and mushrooms do have the added benefit of coming with their own nozzles for more water fun, of course, but the sunshade and pole option can be less expensive.

Go All Out!

If you have seen the splash sections of water parks and thought how cool they were, you’ll be happy to know that even the most elaborate of designs can be constructed in your own backyard! Add slides and buckets that fill with water, dumping onto unsuspecting and giggling children’s heads when they least expect it, put in a giant “fire hydrant” with nozzles coming out from every angle, or stick with the desert theme of your backyard and add a gigantic “palm tree” with water falling out of the center of its fronds! The only limit to the fun accessories you can add will be the size of your yard and the depth of your pocketbook; prices do go up with each new toy added, of course!

But What If You Already Have a Pool?

The good news is you don’t have to nix the splash pad if you already have a pool. If your yard is large enough, go ahead and invest in both! Pools are great for exercise and keeping cool on hot summer nights, but splash pads can be the perfect addition for families with younger children; just set them up away from the pool and prepare for your little ones to have the greatest time of their lives!

The Options for Your Splash Pad Are Endless

Whether you choose the simple fountain type splash pad or the more elaborate water park type with all the bells and whistles, choosing New Image Landscape and Pools to help with the install will ensure you enjoy the new addition to your at home oasis for years to come. Give us a call today!

Everything You Need to Know About Splash Pad Installation

As summer in the desert grows nearer (and many would say it has already arrived!), we start looking for ways to stay cool in the scorching heat. The most popular choice is, of course, a pool, but as sweet as it sounds, along with a pool comes great responsibility; maintenance and upkeep just aren’t a viable option to many of our local homeowners, and those with young children often worry about the safety issues.

Fortunately, there are other options out there, and residential splash pads are becoming the latest craze. No more loading up the kids and heading to the local mall or park just to let them jump around in little jets of water that squirt out of the ground. With a splash pad, all you need to do is open the back door and let the water fun commence! Here’s the details on how you can get your own private splash pad installed.

How Much Space is Needed?

A splash pad can be as small and simple as you like or as large and complicated as you would love! A 9-foot circle with six nozzles can fit into the corner of a small yard, and bigger yards have an innumerable amount of options! Choosing the right one for your family is easy and problem free as long as you know the size of the yard you are working with.

Are Splash Pads Safe for Young Children?

As with any water installation, it is important to watch your children around them, but because there will be little to no standing water with a splash pad, they are far safer than one of those plastic pools you probably bought for your children last year!

What Type of Surface Works Best with a Splash Pad?

Concrete with a brushed safety surface is the most common, but there are many surface options available to residential customers that are both colorful and safe. We can help you choose the material that fits into your budget and safety needs.

Can I Install It Myself?

For a small and simple splash pad, it is possible to install it yourself, but in the case of the safety surfaces and the more intricate splash pads, it’s always best to hire a professional. Your children will be playing in this for hours a day and their safety is of utmost importance. If you’re still unsure, give us a call and schedule an appointment with us. We can help you determine which splash pad will work best in your backyard!