Three Winter Tips for Lawn Care and Landscaping in Phoenix

Maintaining a beautiful landscape and lawn comes with many unique challenges in Phoenix, Arizona, especially as the hot temperatures retreat and are replaced by the cold ones of winter. Knowing a few basic tips on keeping your landscape and lawn looking beautiful throughout the winter can go a long way in ensuring a landscape that you can be proud of. The following are three of the most fundamental winter landscaping in Phoenix tips for winter care.

Overseed Your Lawn

As evening temperatures drop to around 65 degrees, it is time to overseed with a quality ryegrass. Firstly, mow your summer lawn down to about a quarter or a half of an inch. Then you are ready to spread the seed over your lawn. If you wish to keep you winter lawn cut short, use about 15 pounds of seed for each 1,000 square foot section of lawn. For longer winter grass, use about 12 pounds of seed for this same area.

Care for Your Winter Lawn

For the best results after overseeding, use a fertilizer in a composition somewhere around 15-15-15. These numbers reference levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium respectively. Follow the directions on the fertilizer bag for dispersing the fertilizer. After the fertilizer is down, you will need to water the lawn well, multiple times a day for about a week. Following these tips ensures a lush and beautiful winter lawn, keeping your home looking beautiful.

Prune Your Trees

As winter wears on, it is the perfect time to prune those trees to ensure their health throughout the entire year. This is the perfect time to prepare for the coming of spring, when the trees will get more sun and warmth, signaling more growth. As the outer limbs are trimmed back, more sun will be able to reach more of the tree, ensuring beautiful trees in a few months.

Look to the Professionals for Winter Landscaping in Phoenix

It is always good to have a bit of knowledge in regard to keeping your landscape beautiful and healthy, but certain projects require the assistance of the professionals. You will find no professionals more capable than those at New Image Landscape and Pools. For over 35 years, we have been providing the very best services in landscape and lawn maintenance, pool design and construction, and so much more. Learn more about our winter landscaping in Phoenix services online or give our friendly staff a call today!