Time to Upgrade Your Pool?

One of the best parts of living in the desert is being able to swim in the pool for up to 90% of the year when the pool is heated or at the very least 75% of the year if its not! Walking out the door and slipping into the cool, clear waters no matter what time of day or night is a treat we never take for granted, but could that experience be even better? If your Arizona pool is serving you perfectly well, but you find yourself wondering if it could be even better, these Arizona pool upgrades could be just the extra bit of fun you’ve been looking for!


The standard pool comes with a single boring white light; it does its job of allowing you to see at night but without any extra pizazz or sparkle. LED lighting, on the other hand, is easily added to your Arizona pool, uses less voltage (leading to lower utility bills), and comes with the ability to change into multiple colors! Exciting, brilliant, and offering a unique glow to the beauty of your backyard, it’s one of our favorite pool upgrades!


As the world evolves into a smart one, pool systems have not fallen behind. Automation options can turn your Arizona pool into a smart pool that is easy to maintain and exciting to spend time in! Managed by an app on your phone, you can control your pool equipment without having to be in the same state, let alone needing to step outside in the heat! Automation is also a money saving device, allowing pool owners to more closely monitor and utilize the equipment that previously was responsible for sucking the money of out of your bank account!

Extra Arizona Pool Style

Upgrades can be fun, and the addition of a firepit or even just fire accents to your pool is made easy, especially when you tie the additions into the automation upgrade! Fire on water isn’t something you see every day, but it should be! Deck jets that shoot water into the pool can be added to help keep the water cooler during the hottest days of summer, and if you’re up for a little construction, a waterfall built of stone or bricks can serve the same purpose; the extra style associated with any of these upgrades will ensure your pool will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Is it Time?

Give us a call today and let’s discuss all the upgrade options that are available for your Arizona pool. We at New Image Landscape and Pools are eager to help!