dozen aloe vera plants outdoors

Top Arizona-Friendly Plants for Your Landscape

As you look around the yard of your home, are you happy with what you see? Does a feeling of peace envelope you, a sense that you are in the right time at the right place in your life? Or do you see a sterile landscape that reminds you how little time you have spent making the outside look as homey as the inside?

This is the time of year that we love to be outside as much as possible, but it’s not much fun if we haven’t spent the time making it beautiful. And because it’s not always easy choosing plants that can survive the brutal Arizona summers, we have put together this list of the top Arizona-friendly plants for your personal landscape.

Purple Sage

This is probably one of the most popular examples of Arizona-friendly plants and bushes you can find in the Southwest, and with its purple blooms and silvery green leaves that thrive in the scorching desert summers, it’s the easiest to maintain. Because they are drought tolerant, a lot of watering isn’t necessary, making the Purple Sage an eco-friendly choice as well.

Aloe Vera Plant

Everyone has heard about the medicinal qualities of the aloe plant by now, but most of us tend to buy the gels from the store. Aloe plants, however, are hardy desert succulents, and they can add a stark beauty to your Arizona landscape. Aloe is drought tolerant, prefers full sunlight, and even comes in handy; when you are sunburned, simply break off a piece and rub the gel over your tender skin for quick healing!

Regal Mist

Ornamental grasses offer a glimpse of the untamed without venturing too far into the unkempt, and the Regal Mist is one of our personal favorites. Throughout most of the year, it’s green blades add a simple look to your landscape design; when fall comes around, they explode like pink fireworks under a night sky! Their blooms are unbelievable beautiful!

Red Bird of Paradise

If you like a touch of drama in your Arizona landscape, the Red Bird of Paradise is exactly what the doctor ordered! A perennial plant that you only have to plant once, it prefers full sun, is drought tolerant, and the dark green leaves of the fern-like plant offer a year-round beauty that is only enhanced by fiery red flowers that only look like they are difficult to grow!

Feeling Unsure?

These plants are only a sampling of those that can make your Arizona landscape the envy of the neighborhood, but if you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure, give us a call and set up a consultation today! New Image Landscape and Pools is dedicated to keeping the desert beautiful, and we would love to lend you a hand!