two trees with purple flowers in front of a house

Top Water Saving Trees for Your Landscape

Living in the desert, you learn that some things work a little differently out here. The bread on your sandwich goes stale when you walk away for a second, the metal on your seat belts will scorch your fingers, and water is a precious commodity. Planting trees that save on water usage will enhance your desert living experience. We all want that green landscape with lush trees that we remember from our days of living back east, but what works for Ohio may not work in Arizona, and even if it does, it probably wastes the water that needs to be guarded like precious jewels! There are trees, however, that save water, look great, and add that touch of green that makes our yards so beautiful—keep reading to learn what they are!

Texas Ebony

Growing tall and strong even in the hottest days of summer, the Texas ebony features a large, green canopy that provides shade for desert dwellers. Bred to endure the dry and compacted soil of the southwest, they prefer the sun, and during the spring and fall months, cream colored blooms provide a colorful contrast to the emerald green of their leaves.

Museum Palo Verde

You’ve probably noticed versions of the Palo Verde growing all over the valley, but the Museum Palo Verde is a hybrid that combines all the best qualities of the varieties of Palo Verde that grow in the desert. Water wise, low maintenance, and lacking the thorns that make the standard trees so hard to prune, the yellow flowers in the spring give any landscape a happy look with this trees that save on water usage.

Sissoo Tree

Of all the trees we discuss here, the Sissoo tree bears the most resemblance to lush green trees we love to grow in the eastern states but offers all the traits necessary to grow in the desert. This tree grows better and faster in the hotter months and has leaves that resemble the aspen tree. Tall and majestic with a generous sized canopy, the Sissoo tree is fast becoming a favorite in the desert!

Texas Mountain Laurel

It’s dramatic purple blooms in the spring will make your house the talk of the neighborhood—those flowers are stunning! This evergreen doesn’t grow very tall, making it a great tree that saves on water for your courtyard patio. As it is establishing itself, it will take more water, but once its established and adding a sensational touch to your already impressive landscape, this desert blooming tree will be a favorite for years to come!

Just a Sample

If you’re thinking about doing your civic duty and planting a tree that saves on water, now is the time to do it; give us a call and schedule an appointment today to learn more about the trees listed here, plus many others that are bred to thrive in our arid desert climate!