pink geraniums in AZ winter time

The Top Winter Flowers of Arizona

If you are a transplanted Easterner, you may be reading this with a touch of skepticism. Your prior winter flower choices have always been limited to holly bushes and poinsettias. Isn’t it great that your new home state offers so many more choices? Winter is our favorite time of year, and the flowers that fill the gardens of the homes in the area are one of the major reasons why! How can you not be happy when you come home each day to these smiling and colorful winter flowers that grace your gardens and add curb appeal to your desert oasis?


The yellow and orange shades of the classic marigold offer a friendly smile to neighbors and families when placed in beds in your front yard. These hardy plants take the full Arizona (winter) sun and require very low maintenance! We like to put bubblers on ours for watering purposes, but we can’t deny that there is something zen about watering by hand, so the choice is yours. Just remember: They are true desert plants and don’t need a lot of hydration!


The common geranium is a quick and easy way to add a touch of drama to your outside landscape. The bright red contrasts beautifully against the green of your grass and the more neutral colors of the typical southwestern home, and their blooms will last until the heat of summer, if planted during prime planting times of April through September.

Sweet Alyssum

When looking for something simple and pure, the sweet alyssum, with its lacy white flowers that resemble the baby’s breath you often find in floral bouquets, is a local favorite. Also appearing in pink and blue, its delicate appearance belies its strength; their blooms will last from October through May. The only negative to this bloom is its thirstiness, as water comes at a premium in the desert, and the sweet alyssum takes a lot to grow well.


Growing as tall as 36 inches, these charming and colorful blooms make a dramatic statement in a floral arrangement, either inside or waving cheerily outside your desert home. Plant a bed of all one color, or go a little crazy and mix and match a bunch of all colors. We’re partial to the red ones, but you have a choice of purple, pink, yellow, and white as well.

There’s Nothing Like Phoenix Winter Flowers

If you’re thinking your landscape is looking a bit barren, give us a call and schedule an appointment with us today! New Image Landscape and Pools can help make the outside of your home look as beautiful as your interior!