Enjoy installing a hot tub in your Arizona yard

Top Yard Features for Entertaining Guests

If the pandemic taught us nothing else, we have learned how much we need entertainment in our lives. Stuck home month after month, working, learning, and making contact virtually was interesting at first, but soon became a drag, and as restrictions are lifting and life is slowly making its way back to normal, it is time to re-start gatherings with friends and family. Invite just a few of the people you have missed most in a series of small celebrations guaranteed to be appreciated by everyone who attends—especially when they discover that you have been using your downtime to the following Arizona yard features to your private oasis! You may not have time to build or install all the features we are featuring below, but this is not an all or nothing world; choose just one or two from this guide and let the parties start!

Start Small

Not all entertainment features have to be large and expensive; sometimes all that is needed are a few pieces of patio furniture and some yard games! Cornhole (also known as bean bags) is a popular outdoor activity and the equipment needed can be inexpensive to purchase. We have even seen Cardinals-themed cornhole sets at some of our local grocery stores, so keep an eye out! Other outdoor yard games include badminton, lawn bowling, and, if you have the space and want to impress your friends and family, sports courts can be an exciting way to offer entertainment! Obviously, installing a sports court can be a little more costly and time consuming, but the benefits can be worth it.

Keep It Fiery

New transplants to the desert are often surprised at how cold it can get once the sun drops behind the mountains, making a fire pit in the backyard one of the most popular (and potentially inexpensive) additions to the well accessorized yard. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, the fire pit is where stories will be told (sometimes of the ghostly variety), memories will be shared, and peace will be found. The most basic of fire pits, created from stones, only need a selection of chairs surrounding them, while the most sophisticated version add a touch of glamour to your yard while also providing much-needed heat!

The Party Starts Here

An outdoor barbecue, also coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, is potentially the most important part of your backyard entertainment accessories, because if there is no food, can you really call it a party? Choose a simple charcoal grill, maybe with an attached smoker if you want to get a little fancy, a propane grill or electric smoker for ease, or get super fancy and go for an entire outdoor kitchen that will knock the socks off your guests! Your choices are only limited by your imagination and budget and can include mini fridges, sinks with running water, grills, and even pizza ovens. No guest will leave your home hungry when you install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard!

Throwing Shade

No, we aren’t talking about insulting your guests, we are talking about a much-needed attribute to any backyard, the presence of shade. Protecting your guests’ skin while offering a taste of coolness in a season that does not seem to understand the meaning of the word is very important, and there are multiple ways you can offer this type of protection. From the simple sun sail that is made of fabric and tied between structures to the more elaborate gazebo which offers a roof and a place to escape the suns brutal rays, these accoutrements may not add entertainment value, but they WILL allow you to entertain no matter what the season!

Happily Bubbling

Although we may not use this next backyard addition all that often in the summer months, the hot tub will still provide many hours of entertainment throughout the rest of the year. Tucked away into a corner of your covered porch, attached as an add-on to the pool (about which we will discuss more in a minute) or even placed under cover of the gazebo, this tool serves multiple purposes and can be a key ingredient to having the best of times. Soak aching muscles, laugh with your friends and loved ones, or simply appreciate the peaceful sound of the bubbles simmering merrily in the night air after a long and stressful day at work!

Cool Relief in Your Arizona Yard

Our final suggestion for the day is all about the pool. You could survive a summer of triple digit temperatures without this body of cool and clean water, but why would you want to when a pool can bring you so much pleasure? Summer parties offer so much more entertainment value when guests can splash around in the pool, and your house is sure to be the one everyone gravitates to on the hottest days of the year!

New Image Landscape and Pools Can Help

Give us a call today and let’s discuss what is needed to make your backyard the entertainment mecca of the neighborhood!