Arizona Pool Tips to Give Some Reprieve from the Sun

Wondering how you can bring shade to your pool and get a break from the sun? Well, New Image Landscape and Pools has some great options to make your pool a hub for relaxation. Check out our Arizona pool tips and ideas below!

Pool Bars

A pool bar is exactly what you think it is! It’s a bar complete with bar stools, a surface to place your drink, and an area where the bartender and the drinks stay dry! The pool bar comes with a shaded structure, like an umbrella to keep you and your drinks cool. Just swim up to your pool bar, have a drink and enjoy a nice read. You won’t regret having shade that also provides your favorite drinks!


This easy to install shade structure resembles a gazebo, just with a little more flair and design! A pagoda consists of four posts and multiple beams across the top. Pagodas can be decorated with vines or used as an additional space for entertainment near your pool. The word pagoda originally refers to Hindu and Buddhist temples that were created with Asian influence and multiple tiers. Though the landscape version has a simpler purpose, feel free to let history inspire the design of your pagoda by adding some ornamental flair to it. You and your guests will feel as if you are enjoying an oasis in a faraway land!


Including a waterfall in your pool has multiple benefits! But if designed just right, your waterfall can create a magical resting place behind its falling water—a shady and cool enclave! This feature stands out among the other benefits in that it provides a quiet oasis where one can escape the harsh desert sun and find a place to meditate on the beauty of streaming water. So make sure when including your waterfall that you dream up a design that includes a shady enclave where you can sit and take in the coolness of your oasis!

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