Check out a wide variety of lighting options this winter

Unique Lighting Options for Your Backyard

As the end of the year approaches, this is the time in which we spend a majority of our minutes outside enjoying the beauty of the season, even if this year has been far hotter than previous years! We dine out on the patio, we sit by the pool under the full moon, and if we live in a neighborhood with friendly neighbors, we might be found on the front porch sipping iced tea and watching the world go by. But the majority of our outdoor time at home is spent in the backyard, enjoying the oasis we have created—unless, of course, we forgot to incorporate lighting into the design when we started planning all this in the summer! Long days in the summer months make us forget that in the winter that fiery orb falls quicky behind the mountaintops, leaving us in a state of darkness that even neighborhood streetlights fail to cut through. As you might expect, New Image Landscape and Pools have created this guide to unique lighting options for your backyard, allowing you to extend your outdoors hours even more than you already have!

Illuminated Log Pathway Lights

We didn’t mean to pull the biggest option out of our pockets at the very beginning, but we love this idea so much we couldn’t keep quiet about it one minute longer! Created by an artist who used natural logs and slipped LED lights into their cracks, you could spend a small fortune buying these, or you could try to create your own! Solar lighting options allow homeowners to get really creative with their lawn décor, so why not give it a shot?

By the Light of Candles and Tealights

This super traditional option stays popular over the years for a reason: It works and is inexpensive! Create a chandelier made from tea lights or hang lanterns throughout your yard and fill them with your favorite candles. Choose citronella versions and enjoy a bug-free paradise every time you walk out the door!

Christmas Lights Aren’t Just for Christmas

The twinkle lights that give our home that gentle glow during the holidays don’t have to be tossed in a plastic box the rest of the year; move them to the backyard and create a magical yard that you’ll never want to leave! Wrap the trees with bunches of the white lights, hang them on the trim that surrounds your patio cover, or intertwine them with the ivy you have growing on your wooden pergola and see how much it changes the ambience of your backyard escape!

Colorful and Zen

Technology in the garden is a wonderful thing, and when you see these LED lighted planters that can be operated via Bluetooth, we are sure you will agree! Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, you won’t mind too much if the pretty flowers you planted die too soon, as these lighted planters will still be beautiful at night.

Simply Rustic

Yes, we have already mentioned candles for your lighting needs, but this idea is simply beautiful and inexpensive and is worth having its own category! All you need are mason jars (found in the canning aisle of your grocery store) twine, and a candle. Wrap the twine securely around the mouth of the jars, place a candle inside, and hang all over your yard. Adding a utility hook to the corners of your gazebo can create a fairytale look for your backyard, and the cost is negligible; a dozen mason jars can cost as little as $10, depending on where you buy them.

Wine Bottles for the Win

There’s never a wrong time for a good glass of wine, and when the bottle is empty, recycling said bottles into elegant torches is good for the environment and the design of your backyard! Simply create a way to hang them with plumbing fittings found at your home improvement store, purchase some lamp oil and cotton wicking. Remember, the only wrong way of creating a vignette is by using fittings that don’t work! No one wants to spend their lazy hours picking up slivers of glass off the patio floor.

Import Stores for More Lighting Options

The most colorful and intricately designed lamps are often found at your favorite import stores; Moroccan lanterns are often the most popular choice. Available in a variety of colors and styles (some have bulbs and wiring, others are designed to hold candles), they can change the mood of your yard simply and inexpensively!

Ceiling Fans with Lights

Outdoor ceiling fans with light attachments serve double duty, lighting up a dark space any time of the year and combatting the heat during the hot months! And because prices on ceiling fans are lowering all the time, this is an inexpensive solution to your lighting requirements as well.

So Many Choices

As you can see, there are many ways to light your backyard, and none of them have to be expensive. Give us a call today and let’s find the perfect way to help you see the light!