Waterfalls in the Pool


A Poolside WaterfallToday’s pools can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. Some people prefer just a pool, without frills, while others imagine a backyard grotto, complete with slides, multi-colored LED lights, and beautiful waterfalls splashing down over a natural rock display. We tend to agree with the latter, as one of our favorite pool additions is the waterfall. Serene and tranquil, it adds beauty to your yard and value to your home, and our experienced staff and builders at New Image Landscape and Pools are the people to go to when you decide a waterfall is just what you need to finish off the oasis that your backyard is becoming!

Add Beauty and Style

Pool waterfalls come in many sizes and styles. Small ones can consist of a stream bubbling and splashing off a single rock, while larger ones may involve multiple levels, splash zones, and additional rocks, creating a calming cacophony of water music. Add colored LED lights under the falls and mesmerize yourself with the changing colors. This is your pool; choose the design style that makes you happy!

Functional Benefits With a Waterfall in the Pool!

Desert summers are scorching, and if you spend any time at all in your pool, you’ve probably noticed that sometime around July or August your pool stops being refreshing and starts to feel more like you’re swimming in a massive bathtub! When you add a waterfall, though, the splashing waters add more than beauty and value to your home; they cool the temperature of sun-warmed waters, extending the refreshment powers a week or two or more. The larger the waterfall, the cooler the pool; a few degrees can go a long way!

We Build Only the Best

Whether you are building a brand new lavish pool with all the bells and whistles or are just looking to add that extra touch that makes your existing pool that much more special, give New Image a call and schedule a consultation. We build the best pools in the Valley—we’re eager to show you what we can do!