Scottsdale style infinity edge pool

What is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool is difficult to describe, but words chosen to describe it normally include “breathtaking,” “amazing,” and “spectacular.” This special design makes it look like your pool extends forever, or gives the impression that it blends seamlessly into the landscape or goes over a sheer cliff—it’s like the far edge of your pool is its own horizon. It’s an eye-catching design that really makes an impression!

So, how does it work? One edge of a pool has its wall slightly below the water level—the water overflows into a water-catching basin, whose pump pushes it back to the main pool. Viewers cannot see the edge of the pool, and so the water, impossibly enough, seems to be its own edge. It’s an optical illusion that makes your pool look fantastic, while also really drawing the eye to the fabulous scenery beyond.

Is an Infinity Pool Right for Me?

The infinity pool really shines when used to supplement an already gorgeous view. The vanishing edge at the end of the pool needs to be positioned so that it can’t be seen from the best spot to enjoy these views. This is easiest to do when there’s already a gentle slope to work with. So, consider whether or not your yard already has the scenery to flaunt—infinity pools work best with large expanses of scenery, and whether that’s the edge of a forest, a rooftop deck, or decorative gravel, that scenery will really pop with this pool around.

Alternatively, you can have the vanishing edge facing the typical viewer, creating a waterfall effect for the pool. The vanishing edge effect will still be neat to those going for a dip!

Why Us?

Keep in mind, the extra labor and parts and which go into an infinity pool make it a huge investment. With such a large project, taking a chance on a bargain builder is simply too much of a risk. Instead, rely on a proven company such as New Image Landscape and Pools.

Check out our testimonials and you’ll find that not only are we skilled and experienced, but we offer the best service out there. We’ll take care of everything, and keep you updated every step of the way. We’ll not only make the finished project look amazing, but make you thrilled you chose us even while it’s underway. Call us at 480-654-4422 and find out what we can do for your yard or pool—we’ll even give you a free quote!