A beautiful back yard, which was hardscaped or softscaped

What is the Difference Between Hardscape and Softscape?

Creating the perfect landscape for your property requires balance. Having both structural as well as greenery elements is important. Too much or too little of either can make a landscape appear lacking. Knowing the difference between hardscaping and softscaping allows you to better understand the existing design of your landscape and make the necessary changes to make your landscape more aesthetically pleasing.

What is Hardscape?

When it comes to landscaping and design, hardscape is the structural components within a landscape. This includes solid features such as paving, walls, stairs, reflecting pools, and planters. These are usually the features that have to be installed or completed before greenery is added to a landscape. Hardscaping features play an important part in the landscaping process as they usually require digging or physical changes to the existing landscape. More often than not, hardscape features are a main focal point of the landscape. Whether it is an outdoor fireplace or a trellis, hardscape features are often the main pieces that matter when designing a landscape.

What is Softscape?

Softscape is the horticultural details in a landscape. Oftentimes, these details are used to accent an existing landscape. Some examples of softscape include a vine plant that is strategically placed over a trellis, plants that are added to installed planters on the grounds, trees that are planted around the perimeter of a property and installing flower beds throughout a landscape. When incorporating softscaping features into a landscape, it is important to choose greenery that adds aesthetic value. Something as simple as adding some brightly colored flowers to a landscape has the potential to change the exterior appearance of a property significantly.

Using Both for Landscaping

Hardscaping and softscaping are best used together when designing and creating a landscape. Too many hardscape features can make your landscape feel “cold,” while too many softscape features can make your landscape feel like a mini forest with no real sense of functional purpose. Thus, it is important to balance the two. For example, if you install a new stone walkway, the addition of bright-colored flowers or noticeable greenery along the path of the walkway offers a balance between man-made structure and nature. The assistance of a reputable landscaping company is valuable in optimizing the existing hardscape and softscape features of your current landscape.

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