Why Get New Landscaping? | Advice from your New Mesa Landscape Architects

An orange tree planted next to the beautiful fountain our Mesa landscapers built.

When you pull up into your driveway or peek out the windows at your backyard, what do you see?  Is your front yard neatly manicured, with flowers blooming brightly around a concrete fountain that plays a tranquil tune of cascading waters?  If you have a large front porch, is there a colorful swing swaying gently in the afternoon breeze?  Is your backyard a sea of emerald grass punctuated with a lagoon-like pool, bright colored patio furniture and maybe even a sports court off to the side? If not, why not make it happen? A new landscape for your Mesa property has the chance to spruce up the exterior of your home, all while improving property values and more. And, in the hands of the right Mesa landscape architects, you can give your home a complete makeover. Read on for a list of landscaping ideas Arizona and more information about why you need to upgrade your Mesa landscape!

Why Upgrade your Landscape with your new Mesa Landscape Architects

  • Increase your property values – It may seem like a waste of time to put any more money into a house you’re planning on moving out of soon, but the plain and simple fact is pretty sells. If you drive up to a house with a dirt yard where the weeds are growing out of control and the mailbox is rusty and leaning dangerously, are you really going to want to get out of the car and see what the inside looks like?  Common thinking is if you didn’t care enough to make the outside look nice, why should the interior be any better?  If you make an effort to create an inviting and welcoming exterior, chances are you will sell quicker, and you’re probably going to sell at a higher price than someone who didn’t!
  • Lower your tension levels – You know how you feel when the phones are ringing off the hook, your boss is yelling at you, your kids are texting you and you realized that important file you worked on all last week is lost somewhere in World Wide Web purgatory? Having a badly landscaped lawn can make you feel the same way: at odds with the world, feeling you can’t find peace anywhere and not really knowing where to start to solve the problems at hand!  You don’t even want to go outside; but when your lawn is perfect and the day is nice, all you want is to sit in your comfortable patio furniture, drink a glass of wine and revel in the beauty of your beautifully landscaped yard with all the top of the line amenities needed for a tropical escape.  Peace and serenity reign and blood pressure lowers.  Don’t you wish dealing with work could be this easy?
  • Your neighbors will be so jealous – Yep, it’s a little petty, but don’t we ALL want our neighbors to feel a little green with envy when they see we have a new car, we’re getting the house painted, or when they see how absolutely perfect our newly landscaped lawn looks? And if you’re selling your house, who knows?  Maybe seeing the charm and enchantment of your lawn will give them that little nudge needed to make their yard more attractive as well, helping give your entire street that little extra something that buyers are looking for.

Choose New Image Landscape and Pools as your New Landscapers in Mesa AZ

The bottom line is new landscaping has the capability of making bad things good while bringing much needed peace and serenity into your life. Fortunately, here at New Image, we are among the best Mesa landscapers, and we can help you get started! Just check out our website at www.newimagelandscapeandpools and get the ball rolling! Request custom Mesa landscaping today!