Add a pergola to your Arizona landscape

Why You Should Consider A Pergola For Your Yard

When spring rolls around, native Phoenicians are of two minds. The first is determined to stay outside as much as possible, attending art fairs, hiking in the Superstitions and playing in their backyard oasis as much as possible. This group is grilling and chilling, reveling in the last of the cool days, watching the desert breezes ruffle the curtains they have decoratively hung from the posts of their pergolas while they sip Arizona wine and devour the freshly grilled meats with friends and family. The second group, we at New Image Landscape and Pools will call these the scared and unprepared, are turning on their air conditioners and staring longingly at their barren backyards, avoiding sunburns and heat stresses while being bored out of their minds and wishing fervently that they had started to build that pergola they have been dreaming about! This guide to why you should consider a pergola for your yard is guaranteed to give you a gentle nudge that will push you out of the unprepared group and into the grilling and chilling one!

The Decorative Touch Your Yard Craves

You may have a pool and a beautiful garden, but somehow your yard still looks as if it were missing something, something important like a beautiful pergola rising out of the ground. Coming in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, it is easy to find the one that fits your yard in all those groups. Choose a simple model with sleek lines and open roofs knowing that your jasmine plants will fill in the empty spaces creating shade and a sweet aroma that will fill your yard. Pick a fully covered pergola where you can hide an all weather television under its eaves and watch the big game, your favorite home improvement shows, or enjoy a movie night under its shaded depths late into the scorching season. These models and everything in between are destined to fill the empty spots and give your yard the finishing decorative touch that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

The Importance of Being Shaded

If this is your first summer in Phoenix, we would like to welcome you and inform you of the benefits of shade. The mercury is guaranteed to shoot through the top of that thermometer and any time you can make use of a shaded spot, be it a tree in a corner of the Fry’s parking lot or a pergola that you are building in your backyard, do it! Pergolas are our favorite way of throwing shade (yes, even more so than trees) because their versatility allows for so many outdoor adventures. The picnic season lasts so much longer when you can enjoy your feast under cover of a pergola’s shade and pool season demands a shaded spot to rest and get out from under the suns scorching rays! Summer pool adventures are enhanced when kids and adults get to sit under a pergola and just relax, chat, and of course chill. Add a mister system to the edges and add extra coolness or hang a ceiling fan from the center for a nice breeze on a hot day. Many companies are making outdoor fans that can handle even our extreme temperatures in the summer.

Family Fun Among the Arizona Landscape

We love our families but we sometimes have difficulties in scheduling time to just hang out with no ulterior motives and when you transform your backyard into the oasis you have always dreamed about spare hours in your day can become family togetherness times spent under the shading canopy of your pergola. Want to find out why your tween has been extra sulky lately? Meet them under the pergola, perhaps with a cold soda and an understanding shoulder to cry on and work together to find a solution to the drama in their lives. College students may not be home often, but a mini fridge stocked with cold beers located under the shade of the pergola can be an easy way to entice them to visit more often! Learn about their classes, let them advice you on your clothing choices, and maybe when you bring up the idea of a pool party so you can meet their current flame, they won’t totally shoot you down. We’re not saying that pergolas are miracle workers but we are saying that family togetherness is a lot more fun when gathered around that glass patio table under your pergola and if your teenager actually cracks a smile at one of your dad jokes, you can take all the credit. (But it probably is due to the magic of the pergola!)

Choose New Image Landscape and Pools

The best part of installing a new pergola is knowing you don’t have to do any of the dirty work! Give us a call today and discover what magic this beautiful Arizona landscape feature can bring to your yard and your life!