Automatic Watering System

Why You Should Install an Automated Watering System

Whether you have just moved to the desert for the first time in your life or have lived here your entire life and have always dreamed of the kind of yard and garden you see accompanying homes in the eastern US, there’s a lot you will have to consider before getting started. From knowing where the sun hits throughout the day to the hardiness of the plants or grass to the necessity of installing an automated water system, a desert garden has different rules and requirements. New Image Landscape and Pools is here to guide you through the wilderness, so to speak! Today, we’re going to discuss the various reasons as to why installing an automated watering system is important to your successful gardening experience.


It is possible to grow your garden or have a yard full of rich green grass without an automated watering system, but you will need the time and dedication to make it so. Standing around with a hose in your hand for hours at a time every day and/or night may sound like a reasonable prospect in theory, but you work hard, you play hard, and quite frankly, you have much better things to do with your time!

The Science of It All

There’s a lot to know when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of watering; you need to know your soil type, how much water each individual plant needs, and when is the best time for maximum water absorption without burning the delicate structure of what you are growing. There are entire books written on these topics, but when we install an automated watering system for your yard, we’ll do the programming for you; all you need to do is sick back with your favorite beverage and watch your lawn and garden flourish.

No Overwatering or Underwatering with an Automated Watering System

Automated watering systems offer a rainy day “escape clause,” a rain sensor bypass for all zones attached to the system, eliminating soggy yards and water-logged flowers. And because we program the correct specifications, underwatering is never an issue either; we’ve got you and your landscape covered!

Choosing New Image Landscape and Pools is the Smart Choice

Your home is your biggest investment; it’s understandable that you want the outside world to love it as much as you do. And just like a special outfit makes you or your spouse feel attractive, a lush green lawn and colorful flowers do the same for your home. Choosing New Image Landscape and Pools for your landscape needs will ensure it stays attractive for years to come—give us a call today!